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Mike McCabe, Blue Jean Nation

Mike McCabe is the founder and president of Blue Jean Nation and author of Blue Jeans in High Places: The Coming Makeover of American Politics.
Mike wants to hear from you.
Blue Jean Nation, P.O. Box 70788, Madison, WI 53707
Phone: 608-443-6086

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  • What Government Does Needs To Be Done For Our Whole Society

    Candidate for Governor Mike McCabe talks about getting everyone in Wisconsin access to high-quality and affordable medical insurance. ALTOONA, WI - Applying that common sense rule, Wisconsin’s whole population should be made eligible to get health insurance through the BadgerCare program. BadgerCare should be there for all Badgers who want or ne ...
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  • Blue Jean Nation 'Blowing off the Founders'

    Our founders saw public education as basic to cultivating the moral and civic virtues needed for people to exercise their rights and duties as citizens. But over the years, this mission has been lost, putting democracy itself at risk. ALTOONA, WI - If you take the long view of history, our school system has strayed far from its roots. What today ...
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  • Blue Jean Nation 'The taproot of our many problems'

    We have a poisoned political culture that glorifies greed, dooming us to a government that works for a wealthy and well-connected few at everyone else’s expense. ALTOONA, WI - Wisconsin is up to its eyeballs in problems. Our state has lost its way. It is becoming a shadow of its former self. Same goes for the country as a whole. The problems va ...
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  • Blue Jean Nation "Democrats will win again when. . ."

    Democrats will win again when they show discomfort with the current political culture and all the ladder climbing and nest feathering and back scratching gives way to actual public service and sacrifice for the greater good. ALTOONA, WI - Over the course of my 57 years, I’ve never seen a time when our public institutions were more disrespected a ...
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  • Do We Put All Our Eggs in the Foxconn Basket?

    Politicians typically try to build the economy top down, showering tax breaks and subsidies on a few thousand of the richest among us or even just one company like Foxconn. The other way is from the bottom up, giving the whole population the means to do more for themselves. Bottom-up is best. ALTOONA - To me, the most important question is not w ...
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Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI)

Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI) can be contacted at John A. Matthews, Executive Director, Madison Teachers Inc., 821 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-257-0491

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  • We All Have a Stake in Our Students' Future

    Peg Coyne, a real life teacher, comments on Gov. Walker and the Republican legislative majority's attack on public education in Wisconsin and the negative effect it has on teacher's morale and our kids. MADISON - I write to address the attack on teachers by Governor Walker and the Republican legislative majority. They challenge teachers’ c ...
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Randy Scannell

Randy Scannell is an Alderman representing the 7th District of Green Bay.

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  • Walmart's Wrong Plan for Green Bay

    GREEN BAY - The size of the Larsen Green is comparable to 10 Lambeau fields or 3 Port Plaza Malls. If it were on the east side of the Fox it would extend from Walnut to Pine Street and from the riverbank to Adams Street. I recommend anyone who is interested in the Larsen Green debate to walk around the site. It is immense. Walmart's plan is to bui ...
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  • Walker Trek Ads An Enigma

    GRAFTON - I don't get it! Scott Walker has been a proponent of trade companies that encourage out sourcing. Eaton and Plexus who got millions in tax breaks from WEDC out sourced jobs and then laid off 279 workers. He was a defender and supporter of Mitt Romney who shipped lots of jobs overseas. He traveled to China to promote trade relations th ...
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Judy Poull of Saukville

Judy Poull of Saukville has not set their biography yet

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  • State GOP Plagiarizes Legislation

    Wisconsin GOP’s Big Dirty Secret Reveals Hypocrisy of Walker Attack Ads on Burke's Jobs Plan. SAUKVILLE - Most people don’t know that our state Republican legislators and governors have been plagiarizing legislation signed into law since 1973 when ALEC was founded. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) was formed to be a secretive Repub ...
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