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Bob Kiefert, Green Bay Progressive

Bob Kiefert is the Publisher of the Northeast Wisconsin - Green Bay Progressive. Before moving to Green Bay in 2008, he was the Assistant Director of Human Resources for Milwaukee County. A graduate of UWM in 1971, he moved to Madison, where he was Executive Personnel Officer and Technology Manager for the State Department of Employment Relations. He is a former Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County, Director at the Human Resources Management Association of S.E. Wisconsin (now SHRM), and Technology Commission Chair for the City of Franklin. Bob is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force (1965-1971).

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  • GOP Failure to Confirm Brad Pfaff as DATCP Secretary

    Senator says move is further proof that the Republicans have gerrymandered the state to the point that they no longer feel accountable to the people who elected them. MADISON - Senate Republicans voted on Tuesday to fire the Governor's Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection cabinet appointment, Brad Pfaff. The move left Wisconsin's leading ...
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  • Last Minute Kimberly-Clark Agreement Protects Taxpayers and Workers

    Passing of AB-693 as originally touted before election was a bad deal for taxpayers and would have opened the floodgate for more Foxconn deals. GREEN BAY, WI - Kimberly-Clark Corp. and Gov. Scott Walker announced an agreement in Fox Crossing Thursday that will keep the company’s Cold Spring plant open. The deal comes after more than 10 months of ...
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  • Kimberly-Clark Bailout Plan Questioned

    After management wrestles $20,000 pay cuts from workers, Green Bay's Senator Dave Hansen doubts company's sincerity in fulfilling their part of the $115 million bailout deal. GREEN BAY, WI - Back in January, Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KC) of Neenah announced it was considering closing two manufacturing facilities in the Fox Valley. These includ ...
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  • FULL VIDEO: Rewatch the Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

    On Thursday, the eight major remaining Democratic candidates for Governor met at WUWM studios in Milwaukee. Here is the video of the debate in its entirety. MILWAUKEE - On Thursday, July 12, 2018, the eight major remaining Democratic candidates for Governor, Tony Evers, Matt Flynn, Mike McCabe, Mahlon Mitchell, Josh Pade, Kelda Helen Roys, Paul ...
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  • Court Decision Calls For Special Election in NE WI Senate District

    Judge in Madison orders Governor to hold special elections to fill seats vacated in December. Sen. Dave Hansen and fellow Democrats had pushed for the elections. GREEN BAY - For months, Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay has been calling on the Governor to hold special elections to fill seats vacated in December by Republicans Frank Lasee of De ...
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Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Robert Kraig

Robert Kraig is Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, 221 S. 2nd St., Suite 300, Milwaukee, WI 53204.

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  • We Can Win this Election on Healthcare

    MILWAUKEE, WI - I am absolutely thrilled with the direction of this election! At Citizen Action we made a strategic judgement years ago that if we organized to elevate the issue of pre-existing condition discrimination, health care would be a decisive election issue. Now years of organizing is paying huge political dividends. Here we are in the h ...
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  • Walker Plan Does Not Make Up for Cost of Sabotage

    Governor now finds it convenient to pretend to care about health care costs, but 7 years of sabotage of the ACA reveals that he has been more than willing to play politics with the lives of Wisconsinites. STATEWIDE - Governor Scott Walker is touting the approval by the Trump Administration of his complicated health insurance scheme that does not ...
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  • Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Price-Gouging Bill Announced

    Bill would give Attorney General power to investigate skyrocketing generic drug prices set by big pharmaceutical corporations to lower prices and protect Wisconsinites. MADISON - At a news conference at the State Capitol today Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Senator Dave Hansen (Green Bay) and Rep. Jimmy Anderson (Fitchburg) announced new ...
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  • Citizen Action Endorses Tim Burns for State Supreme Court

    Burns a breath of fresh air in corrupt Supreme Court election process says statewide progressive social justice group. MILWAUKEE, WI - Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a statewide progressive social justice group with members across Wisconsin, announced Tuesday its endorsement of Tim Burns for State Supreme Court in the primary election on February ...
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  • Walker Shift on Health Care Not Enough

    Will not undo damage from years of sabotage says non-partisan healthcare group. Opening BadgerCare as a public option, and other reforms, are needed to make coverage affordable. STATEWIDE - Citizen Action of Wisconsin released its preliminary response on Monday to the health care proposals Governor Scott Walker will unveil Wednesday in his State ...
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League Women Voters WI, Andrea Kaminski

League Women Voters WI, Andrea Kaminski has not set their biography yet

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  • LWV WI Calls On Lawmakers To End Gerrymandering

    Wisconsin legislature should establish a redistricting system similar to that in Iowa says nonpartisan political organization. MADISON, WI - With a legacy going back almost a century and a presence in all 50 states, the League of Women Voters takes the long view on how voting district maps are drawn. In Wisconsin the League has been active on ap ...
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  • Proponents of Constitutional Convention Should Try Governing Instead

    Wisconsin Assembly scheduled to call next week for a federal constitutional convention to add a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It's a bad idea, says League of Women Voters. MADISON – The Wisconsin Assembly is tentatively scheduled to vote next week on proposals calling for a federal constitutional convention for the purpose ...
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Patti Philbrick-Linzmeyer, area resident & voter

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  • What is Ribble Afraid Of?

    Why does Reid Ribble refuse to meet with the folks who sent him to Washington? Instead, Representative Ribble offers an easier alternative, easier for himself. It’s called, Telephone Town Hall Meetings. GREEN BAY - US Representative Paul Ryan does it. US Representative Tom Petri does it. US Representative Sean Duffy does it. Why won’t US R ...
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Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

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Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Kevin Kane

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is a nonpartisan issue focused coalition of individuals and organizations committed to achieving social, economic, and environmental justice. Kevin Kane has not set his biography yet

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Assembly Democrats

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Deb Stover, area resident & voter

Deb Stover, area resident & voter has not set their biography yet

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  • Here's to 2012!

    'twas the night before Christmas, and all through the state, petitioners were stirring, because the recall can't wait... The republicans were smugly snuggled, with Koch cash in their bed, while the rest of the state is all seeing red... The volunteers in their recall t- shirts and the staff in winter hats weren't settling down for a let- up just ...
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  • The last push has to start now...

    The RECALL is going well...but we are not there yet.  And you know as well as I do that the fight to end here is going to be harder with Christmas and worse weather coming. I was wondering if all of us could take one cut turf in a highly democratic area in Green Bay and be responsible for it by next Thursday?  We are getting flyers to ...
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  • I am getting madder by the minute....

    GREEN BAY - Unemployment up in Wisconsin, teachers and public workers villified, state torn apart, concealed carry with NO TRAINING, liquor available for purchase at 6 am, equal pay law overturned, teachers allowed to be fired for test scores. Education at all levels CUT! Stupid when we need re-training programs...  HE ran on creating 25 ...
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Dr. Steve Kagen, M.D.

Dr. Steve Kagen, M.D. is a physician and a former congressman from Appleton.

Recent Posts

  • Senator Johnson is Wrong

    Sen. Ron Johnson's comment "we got the $800 billion stimulus which basically went into the pockets of public unions"  at a Green Bay campaign stop last week is dead wrong. I was there in 2009 and we faced a $50 trillion hole in the economy, and unions did not cause the mess. It was the losing Republican ideas of "Trickle Down" economics, ...
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  • Freedoms Lost Are Hard To Regain

    APPLETON - In 2011, Rep. Reid Ribble voted to give away our right to privacy and, last week, we see its shameful consequences. With Ribble’s permission, federal agents searched and seized personal telephone and electronic communications. In a single vote, Ribble erased what thousands of patriotic Americans died for — our right to privacy and our f ...
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  • Republican Open-pit Iron Ore Mining Bill Bad for Wisconsin

    APPLETON - Shame, shame, shame on all legislators who voted for dirty air, dirty water and bad health for people in Wisconsin. Remember, we have seen this movie before. It's called the China Way, and it did not have a happy ending. China sacrificed its environment for short-term economic gain, and their people are now paying the highest price po ...
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  • A smart health care marketplace!

    APPLETON - In 2006, I ran for public office for the first time in my life to end discrimination against my patients with pre-existing medical conditions - and I succeeded. After a century of trying, we finally established that health care is a civil right. Beginning next January, no insurance company, anywhere in these United States, will be allow ...
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  • I Support Tammy Baldwin

    Everywhere I go, people ask me, “Can Tammy Baldwin win Herb Kohl’s Senate seat?”  The answer – with your help – Yes She Will ! I strongly support Tammy – she’s a hard worker, tough and cannot be bought. I had the honor of working with her and know she is always on our side. Tammy has a steel spine, and even when the odds are against her, she ...
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  • Other entries by Dr. Steve Kagen, M.D.

Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator 31st District

Kathleen Vinehout of Alma is an educator, business woman, and farmer who is now the State Senator from the 31st District of Wisconsin. She was a candidate for Governor in 2014 until an injury forced her out of the race , was one of the courageous Wisconsin 14, and ran for Governor again in 2018.

Recent Posts

  • Sen. Vinehout "Saying Goodbye"

    Kathleen Vinehout looks back at her twelve years of service as the State Senator for the 31st District as she reflects on the 624 columns she personally wrote, the countless heartfelt constituent cases she worked on, and the breadth of legislation she drafted. MADISON - “Good Bye,” I said to my friend. “I remember the first time I met you,” she ...
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  • Conversations with Constituents

    Sen. Kathleen Vinehout writes about her contacts with constituents while in the state Senate, from the many who had problems that required her help to how she benefited from all the times they shared their stories and knowledge with her. MADISON - “You all lie, steal and cheat,” the Sparta woman told me. I did not know her, and when I disagreed, ...
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  • A Tribute to the Dean of the Senate

    Sen. Vinehout writes about fellow Senator Fred Risser, the longest serving State Legislator in the nation. He has served over 60 years in the Legislature seeking bipartisanship and ensuring the public is involved and shows no signs of slowing down. MADISON - If I had a mentor in the State Senate, it would be my colleague from Madison, State Sena ...
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  • Speed and Secrecy: The Last Act

    The bills proposed in the Extraordinary Session called by Republican Leaders will create powers for the Legislature that handcuff the new administration and curtail the power of the incoming Governor and Attorney General. Wisconsinites expect a respectful transition of power, not a power grab by one party. MADISON - If you were a legislative lea ...
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  • Boards & Commissions: Opportunities to Serve

    There are many opportunities for Wisconsinites to serve our great state through the various boards, commissions, and councils. Here is how you can apply. MADISON - “I’m retired and I want to stay that way,” the gentleman told our Senate Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism Committee. “But I am looking for opportunities to give back to our sta ...
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Gordon Hintz, Rep. 54th Assembly District

Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh), State Representative 54th Assembly District, is a member of the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget committee, the Joint Committee on Finance.

Recent Posts

  • Revenue Collections Could Indicate More Budget Trouble

    With state revenue growth flat, Gov. Walker is trying to spend his way out of problems he created to distract voters and provide massive giveaways to the wealthy. Real state revenue growth under the Walker/Trump tandem may make this budget proposal unrealistic. MADISON - Last week, the Department of Revenue (DOR) released the monthly revenue col ...
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  • Republican Agenda in Madison Full of Misguided Priorities

    MADISON - In August, the Marquette University Law School poll showed 60 percent of voters in Wisconsin think Governor Walker "doesn't care about people like them”. Based on the current Republican Legislature’s priorities, it is not hard to understand why. The Legislature’s focus should always reflect challenges facing the people of our state. Bas ...
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Nate Myszka

Nate Myszka has not set their biography yet

Recent Posts

  • More Facts Needed about Seniors and Obamacare

    There are lots of rumors about Obamacare. Many are aimed at scaring seniors, and it’s election time so we’re hearing even more. So what’s true? Will “unelected bureaucrats” at the Independent Patient Advisory Board (IPAB) “ration” my care? No – Politifact, a Pulitzer Prize winning fact-checker, says “The IPAB is forbidden from submitting ‘any reco ...
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  • Other entries by Nate Myszka

Rich Langan

Rich Langan is a member of the Democratic Party of Brown County and a former elected official.

Recent Posts

  • Taxpayer Asks Walker If It Was Worth It

    GREEN BAY - I got my property tax bill yesterday. I saved $30 over last year. Gov. Walker you have trampled the rights of every state employee, you have demonized and demoralize teachers, you have increased class sizes, you have destroyed collective bargaining, you continue battling Affordable Health Care, you have destroyed the right to protest yo ...
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  • Other entries by Rich Langan

Eric Genrich, State Rep. District 90

Eric Genrich, (D-Green Bay) is currently serving as State Assembly Representative for the 90th District.

Recent Posts

  • Budget Thoughts

    MADISON - As I left the state capitol yesterday evening, I was thinking about how much I love my job: the service to my constituents, the participation in the legislative process, the great honor it is to work in the people’s house. At the same time, though, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of deep sadness for the substance of Governor Walker’s ...
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  • Two Cheers for "Blue Jeans in High Places"

    GREEN BAY - Mike McCabe, author of Blue Jeans in High Places, asks the readers of his debut book in a sartorial call to action, to grab their boots and blue jeans, roll up their shirtsleeves, and take back our democracy. I can’t argue with the ends to which McCabe is striving, but I do have a few critical observations about the path he recommends. ...
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Laura Kiefert, Green Bay Progressive

Laura Kiefert lives in Howard and is a Partner in the Green Bay Progressive. Members of FaceBook can follow her at My Truth and Anti-Alternative Facts , @mytruthandantialternativefacts.

Recent Posts

  • Next President Should Not Hide Behind Justice Department Policy

    We need the Congress to specifically state in law what many of us have always taken for granted - that no one, including the President of the United States, is above the law. GREEN BAY, WI - Like many patriotic Americans, I believe that no one is above the law, not even the President. However, with the rampant corruption and pending impeachment ...
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  • You Really Believe That?!?

    Our Laura Kiefert introduces her new blog with a piece about the crazy things you’ll hear if you actually talk to one of the Trump believers who hang out at our senior centers and listen only to Fox "News". GREEN BAY, WI - There’s a person who has played an important role in my life whose beliefs regarding politics and religion differ from my ow ...
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  • Nation hurt by good people failing to oppose Trump

    Her greatest disillusionment isn’t Trump, it's that too many people are largely fine with all of the vicious, toxic filth and are not outraged or uncomfortable enough to take action or speak out. GREEN BAY - Happy New Year to every person who didn’t vote for Donald Trump or who no longer supports him. Although I’m trying to look forward to the c ...
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  • Lawmakers need to listen to the will of the people

    HOWARD - On Nov. 6, voters in 16 Wisconsin counties held advisory referendums on marijuana asking voters if they supported some sort of legalization. The majority of voters — 3 out of 4 — expressed overwhelming support, leaving many wondering what’s going to happen now the issue is in the hands of our state representatives. Unfortunately, in many ...
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  • Laura Kiefert: End false political advertising

    The worst are funded by political action committees like Restoration PAC and Americas PAC, along with out-of-state special interest Koch brothers groups. We need to support campaign finance regulations that ensure truth. GREEN BAY, WI - Once again, we are being bombarded with negative political ads, often filled with half-truths and outright lie ...
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Chris Larson, State Senator, District 7

Chris Larson (D) is the Wisconsin State Senator from the 7th District in Milwaukee.

Recent Posts

  • Larson Supports Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana

    MILWAUKEE – I commend Lt. Gov. Barnes and Rep. Sheila Stubbs for continuing to spotlight the need for marijuana decriminalization. Every legislative session since 2015, I have introduced bills to decriminalize and legalize marijuana. Support for legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana in Wisconsin has grown to be popular for many reasons. Includi ...
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  • Sen. Larson on Republican Sour Grape Session

    MILWAUKEE - We just had an election wherein the outcome was clear, the people of Wisconsin sought change and elected a new Governor. Now should be a time of peaceful transition, but instead we have just witnessed an unprecedented power grab by Republicans in the state legislature. The recent passing of President George HW Bush is a stark reminder ...
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  • Senator Chris Larson remarks on Gov. Walker’s ‘State of the State’

    The Governor's smooth talking spin on the State of our State ignores the facts that reflect the reality our neighbors are facing every day. MADISON, WI – On Wednesday the legislature gathered once again to hear Governor Walker’s State of the State address. True to form Governor Walker donned his rose-colored glasses and told the state that our l ...
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  • One Step Closer to Tackling Wisconsin’s Lead Crisis

    Senator says we need to continue the momentum after the passage of SB 48 relating to lead service line replacements and take immediate action to keep our kids safe from being further poisoned by lead. MADISON – Each of our neighbors deserve to live in a healthy, safe community. Lead pipes are an avoidable public illness that is quietly devastati ...
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  • Proceed with Caution During Foxconn Frenzy

    Wisconsinites should not blindly put their faith, and money, in this jobs promise. We’ve been deceived by Walker’s rose-tinted glasses before. MADISON - It is with good reason that Wisconsinites are not yet willing to blindly put their faith, and money, in a feeble jobs promise. We’ve been deceived by Walker’s rose-tinted glasses before. Since ...
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Peter Barca, Assembly Democratic Leader, District 64

Representative Peter Barca is a lifelong citizen of Kenosha and Somers. He currently represents much of the City of Kenosha and portions of the City of Racine, Town of Somers, Village of Mount Pleasant, and Village of Elmwood Park as the State Representative from the 64th Assembly District.
He had previously served as Majority Caucus Chairman and as Co-Chairman of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. Representative Peter Barca. currently Minority Leader from Assembly District 64 (D - Kenosha). Elected to Assembly 1984-1992 (resigned 6/8/93 upon election to U.S. Congress); reelected since 2008. Minority Leader 2015, 2013, 2011; Majority Caucus Chairperson 2009, 1993, 1991. Member of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Recent Posts

  • Opioid Treatment Bills Don’t Go Far Enough

    Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca speaks out on the bills debated Tuesday aimed at fighting the opioid epidemic. MADISON - I applaud the bipartisan effort that led to the acknowledgment of this serious epidemic, but these bills could have a much greater impact to positively affect so many lives. In order to help Wisconsinites strugglin ...
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  • Rep. Peter Barca on 'Permitless Carry' Bill

    Assembly Democratic Leader says allowing individuals to carry firearms without proper safety training, especially on school grounds, goes too far. MADISON - Wisconsin Republican legislators have proposed a bill to allow individuals to carry firearms without proper safety training. The authors of the bill put forward extreme provisions that ...
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  • Walker State of the State Out of Touch with Wisconsin Reality

    As the Governor begins his seventh year and delivers his rosy State of the State, the majority of Wisconsin believes we are on the wrong track. MADISON – Six years ago, Gov. Walker spoke before an audience in the Assembly chamber and made a lot of promises. He said Wisconsin would lead the economic recovery. He said we would stop kicking the can ...
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  • Walker Higher Ed Bills are Election-Year Smoke and Mirrors

    MADISON, WI - On Monday, Governor Scott Walker signed into law four higher education bills, Assembly Bills 740, 741, 742 and 744, calling the package 'college affordability bills' . These Republican bills do nothing to address the burden of student debt and the people of Wisconsin shouldn’t fall for the Republicans’ lack of action with these modes ...
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  • State of the State - 'nothing more than Band-Aid proposals'

    MADISON - During his speech tonight, Governor Walker offered nothing more than Band-Aid proposals that are anemic and weak compared to the significant challenges we face. The numbers are staggering. In 2015, roughly 10,000 hardworking Wisconsinites received layoff notices, the highest single-year total since the governor took office. Wisconsin st ...
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Dave Hansen, State Senator Dist 30

Dave Hansen, State Senator Dist 30 has not set their biography yet

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  • Supreme Court Put Profits Over People

    Wednesday's decision comes as no surprise, says Green Bay Senator. Justices put the bidding of their corporate benefactors over workers' lives. GREEN BAY, WI - Congratulations workers! Thanks to the corporate controlled State Supreme Court you’re going back to work whether you feel safe or not. Because now that they have repealed the Safer at Ho ...
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  • Appleton GOP Press Conference on “Re-opening” Dangerous and Tone Deaf

    Senator says area Republicans don’t seem to care that the majority of people in this state do not want to re-open now, nor do they care about the predicament the workers are in. They just seem so eager and willing to risk the lives of others. GREEN BAY, WI - Thursday’s press conference at an Appleton dairy by Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steinek ...
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  • Justice Roggensack’s comments show she is unfit to serve

    Her comments also show a complete lack of knowledge or understanding of just how transmittable the coronavirus is, says Green Bay Senator. GREEN BAY, WI - As Brown County continues to increase at the fastest rate in the state, Justice Roggensack’s comments that workers at meat packing plants “are not regular folks” are as dangerous as they are i ...
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  • Continuing Outbreak Demonstrates Need for Continuing Safer at Home

    Without vastly expanded testing, you really have no way of knowing how many people around you are infected. That's why early reopening plans by Republicans and others who oppose the Safer at Home order are so dangerous, says Green Bay Senator. GREEN BAY - Here’s the thing about the coronavirus, one day you don’t have it and then you do. One day ...
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  • Senator Dave Hansen Announces Retirement

    After 40 years of public service, popular local leader, 72, retiring from the State Senate at the end of the current term. GREEN BAY - After much thought, reflection and discussion with my wife Jane and my family, I have decided not to seek re-election to the State Senate and retire at the conclusion of my current term. I have been blessed in s ...
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Wisconsin Senate Democrats, Jay Wadd

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  • Walker and Republicans Have Failed Wisconsin Women

    Since Gov. Walker and the Republicans repealed Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act in 2011, the gender gap remains at 78 cents on the dollar. Our families and our economy continue to suffer. GREEN BAY - State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) released the following statement Tuesday as we commemorate Equal Pay Day and discuss the state of gend ...
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  • Sen. Hansen, Rep. Anderson Unveil Plan to Go After Predatory Drug Pricing

    Drug companies are increasing prices on generics by as much as 500%, and it's time to shine a light on this dark corner of the prescription market says Green Bay senator. Bill would give AG power to investigate. MADISON - Joined at a press conference today by Dr. Robert Kraig of Citizen Action and people directly impacted by the predatory practi ...
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  • Senators Have Double-Standard When It Comes to Fraud

    Senate Republicans in Madison go after the little guy while CEOs and wealthy business owners walk free says Hansen. Introduces amendment to hold all to same standard. MADISON - State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) said Tuesday that when it comes to punishing those who commit fraud against Wisconsin taxpayers Senate Republicans are only i ...
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  • Republicans Pass Wetlands Destruction Bill

    The assault on our quality of life continues with passage of a bill that will lead to more flooding and damage to homes and businesses. MADISON - On a day that saw flood warnings for parts of Wisconsin, Senate Republicans passed a bill that will lead to more and more flooding and damage to homes and businesses resulting from the destruction of e ...
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  • Area Legislators Propose Help for Paper Industry

    Stuck, Hansen, Nelson, Hintz Call for State Action to Help Keep Mills Open in the Paper Valley. APPLETON, WI – Following the recent announcement of paper mill closures from Kimberly Clark, State Representative Amanda Stuck, State Senator Dave Hansen, and Outagamie County Executive Thomas Nelson spoke at the Paper Discovery Center, home of the Pa ...
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Buzz Davis, Army Veteran & Activist

Buzz Davis, formerly of Stoughton, WI now of Tucson, is a long time progressive activist, member of Common Cause, Veterans for Peace and a former VISTA Volunteer, Army officer Vietnam Era, city and county elected official, union organizer, impeachment organizer, former Exec. VP of WI Alliance for Retired Americans, a retired state government planner, presently working to Stop VA Privatization.

Recent Posts

  • Fellow Seniors - How is America treating your grandkids?

    Long time progressive activist supports Sen. Bernie Sanders. TUCSON, AZ - Seniors pay attention to politics and we VOTE. Our votes count heavily. There will be many close races this year. We’re old and have survived wars, recessions, layoffs, strikes, good times and bad, poor health and deaths of family and friends. We’ve worked with many peopl ...
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  • Impeach Trump Now for Illegal Wars

    To Dismantle the Military/Industrial Complex. TUCSON, AZ - As an American, you and your family face a future of forever wars, possible nuclear war, economic decline and climate disaster. Or, you can fight for a better path, urging America work with the UN and other nations for a peaceful, sustainable future for all humans. You know where Pre ...
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  • Americans are Far More Sane than Washington Warmongers

    A veteran who served in Korea believes too many juveniles in the White House, Congress and the military, are like high school wise guys saying “Nobody can tell me what to do". TUCSON, AZ - I was fortunate to serve as an Army officer in S. Korea rather than being sent to S. Vietnam in 1969. The Korean people are a vigorous, smart group of people ...
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  • After 16 Year Afghanistan War, Let's Admit Defeat & Switch to United Nations

    We have bled our soldiers and other peoples of their blood, spent trillions of dollars that should have gone to building a better life for all Americans. A Vietnam War era and Korea veteran says it's time to stop. TUCSON, AZ - Generals want another surge in Afghanistan. Only 5,000 will do the trick to help the peace process they say. Kill and ...
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  • Veterans, Who Know War, Say 'Try Peace'

    Veterans, especially combat veterans, need to talk about the real costs of war. The veterans’ silence results in enabling power hungry politicians and greedy business persons to push war as the solution instead of creating a more peaceful world. TUCSON, AZ - We approach Memorial Day honoring the ultimate sacrifices made by 1.4 million American m ...
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