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Dan Thomson, Madison

Dan Thomson, Madison

Dan Thomson is a former factory worker, Illinois Department of Human Services Caseworker, Illinois Human Rights Investigator and a lawyer. He holds a Master’s in Anthropology and a JD. For the past six years he has been retired, and now lives in Madison, WI.

Let’s Make Electing a President a “democratic” Process

Posted by Dan Thomson, Madison
Dan Thomson, Madison
Dan Thomson is a former factory worker, Illinois Department of Human Services Ca
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on Tuesday, 21 June 2016
in Wisconsin

bernie-sandersMadison Activist and Bernie Supporter wants a Constitutional amendment.

MADISON, WI - I woke up on June 14, 2016, and accepted that Bernie was not going to be our next President.

It was sad and hard because Bernie is for real. You know he isn’t lying to you when he speaks. We haven’t had a politician that honest since Proxmire. Bernie Sanders is hope.

We children of the sixties were a generation of hope. We were going to fix the world. We had real expectations that poverty, injustice and war would all be a thing of the past. Since then the world just got uglier.

We need hope. This thing we call Democracy just isn’t working. We have to make it work.

So what is the next step to sustain hope?

Let’s make Democracy work. Let’s make an amendment to the Constitution. Since the President is the most powerful politician in the country and the only one elected by the whole country, let’s make electing a president a democratic process. Call it the 28th Amendment.

The President and Vice President shall be elected by all of the people of the United States voting together with one vote to each qualified person. To be voted upon for President, a candidate must be supported by a petition of 100,000 citizens from anywhere in the United States, presented to the Federal Election Commission. All of the states shall have the same list of candidates supplied by the Federal Election Commission. The Presidential candidates shall supply to the Federal Election Commission the names of their respective Vice Presidential candidates. In the event that no candidate receives a majority of the ballots cast, the Federal Election Commission will hold a runoff election between the two top contenders. The Electoral College will be eliminated.

That is a short and simple solution to some big problems. Let’s send petitions to our U.S. Senators and Representatives to make this change to the Constitution. Let them know this is a one-issue voting requirement for us to continue to support them and reelect them. If we get behind it, it will work. We need hope for the future. This is our immortality. We live; we die. But something greater continues. We must contribute to it.

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