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  • April 9 Update From DPW Chair

    Spring elections success, Joint Committee on Finance's (JFC) public hearings, Democratic radio on Privatizing Public Waters, 2017 State Convention, and more... MADISON - Welcome to the latest installment of my chair update. Spring Election Success Many thanks to all who knocked doors, made phone calls and, of course, cast ballots in last wee ...
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  • Update from DPW Chair, Martha Laning April 2

    Vote April 4, Republican Extremism Reaches A New Low, Wisconsin Budget Process, and more... MADISON - Welcome to the latest installment of my chair update. Make A Plan To Vote For Tony Evers For State Superintendent In Tuesday's Spring Election If you haven't already, it's time to make a plan to vote in one of the most important r ...
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  • February 19 Update From The DPW Chair

    Vote Tony Evers for Superintendent on Tuesday, Feb. 21st, how Trump puts National Security at risk, Democratic National Committee Chair Elections, Day Without Immigrants, Ron Kind’s Education Plan, and Things You May Have Missed. MADISON - Welcome to the latest installment of my chair update. Remember to Vote Tony Evers for Superintendent on Tu ...
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  • DPW Chair Martha Laning "This Election"

    Democratic Party Chair Laning disappointed by last night's results, but now it is time to come together to move our state and our nation forward. MADISON - After last night's elections, I have some thoughts I want to share with you. Like so many of you, I am disappointed by last night's results. However, while these were not the results we hope ...
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  • Update from DPW Chair Martha Laning

    MADISON - This week I'll highlight Hillary Clinton's clear win at the debate, a number of great speakers who came to the state, the last 27 days of this election season, Donald Trump's horrid comments, a new Russ Feingold ad, a number of our great candidates, Tammy Baldwin's fight against the opioid crisis, and the first place winner from our video ...
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Lena Taylor, State Senator, 4th District

Lena Taylor, State Senator, 4th District has not set their biography yet

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  • Senator Taylor Responds to Milwaukee Brewer Josh Hader’s Offensive Tweets

    MADISON – The ten-year old social media posts that have recently surfaced by Josh Hader are incredibly offensive. I recognize that Josh has apologized for his actions and stressed that those past tweets do not reflect his current beliefs. As with Donte DiVincenzo, who had questionable posts written when he was 14 years old, we are asked to rememb ...
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  • Hands Off Our Data

    MILWAUKEE - This week, the Trump Administration asked for all 50 states to turn over election data concerning voters, which includes names, dates of birth, voting histories, and party identifications. President Trump has widely stated that he believes nearly three million people voted illegally, which cost him the popular vote. In spite of this, t ...
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  • Governor Walker Sends Irresponsible Budget to Legislature

    Since his Milwaukee County days, Scott Walker has used the budget process to make political promises and then let the legislators find the money, or not, to fulfill them. MILWAUKEE - Last Wednesday, Governor Walker announced his 2017-2019 budget. Now, I've had a front seat to Walker's budgets since he was Milwaukee County Executive. This fiscal ...
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  • Walker Turns Back on Pardons

    MILWAUKEE - The Wisconsin Constitution states, “The governor shall have power to grant reprieves, commutations and pardons, after conviction…” Yet, the only person in the entire state who has the power to grant a pardon, Governor Scott Walker, has refused to do so. It is appalling that someone who has taken an oath to honor the constitution would ...
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  • Strip Search Bill Strips Clothes and Dignity

    Senate Bill 248 removes the current requirement that a person be arrested or detained for at least twelve hours before they are strip searched. We have a strip search problem in Milwaukee. One attorney I spoke with has 14 cases of unlawful strip searches pending in federal court. Were their "crimes" worthy of this level of humiliation? MILWAUKEE ...
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Janis Ringhand, State Senator Dist 15

State Senator Janis Ringhand (D-Evansville) is a former mayor, small business owner and community banker. She serves on the Senate Committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions and Rural Affairs. She serves the 15th Senate District.

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  • PLA Legislation is Bad for Wisconsin

    Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) are one of the few tools that local governments have left to put “Wisconsin first” when it comes to public construction projects, but Madison legislators want to eliminate it as part of the bidding process. MADISON - As President Trump takes the initial steps to get America out of poorly negotiated trade dea ...
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  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Is 'Our Financial Watchdog'

    Federal Agency was created as part of the Dodd-Frank Act in response to the banking crisis of 2007-08, which caused the Great Recession. Customers of Wells Fargo, or any other bank or credit union, can monitor their accounts to make sure they don’t see unauthorized products or account activity and report them here. EVANSVILLE, WI - The Consumer ...
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  • It’s Time to Invest in Our Transportation System

    Gov. Walker tells Transportation Secretary not to include any tax or fee increases in his budget request for state highway system improvement. As a result, system is going to continue to deteriorate and highway projects throughout the state will be delayed. MADISON - Recently, former Republican State Senator and current Waukesha County Executive ...
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Jon Erpenbach Press. State Senator 27th District

State Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Madison) - A former radio personality and legislative assistant, Erpenbach was elected to represent the 27th Senate District in November of 1998 and was re-elected in 2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014. Jon’s Senate colleagues elected him Senate Democratic Leader in December 2002. He served in that position until December 2004.
Senator Erpenbach has worked in the Legislature to regulate issue ads since his election in 1998 to the Senate, that includes working on bipartisan proposals to limit outside spending in elections and shed light on who is spending money to influence the outcomes of elections and legislation.
For more information please contact his office at 608-266-66790 or 888-549-0027 or sen.erpenbach@legis.wi.gov

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  • Expanding BadgerCare is the Best Bang for our Buck

    Expanding BadgerCare, as proposed in the budget, would net a $1 billion dollar incentive payment, and a recent Marquette Law Poll shows that 70% of Wisconsin residents approve. MADISON - Who doesn’t love a good deal? It’s common for folks in Wisconsin to want to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck. So why shouldn’t the Wi ...
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  • A Call to Action

    We must have a strong sense of community and watch out for our neighbors to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, says Madison area Senator. Wear a mask to keep our communities safe and schools open. MADISON - This past year has been tumultuous to say the least. We’ve missed out on time spent with friends and family, community events, festivals, and ...
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  • Vos Press Conference Had No New Ideas

    State Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-West Point) responds to the Assembly GOP press conference Tuesday announcing the latest Republican 'ideas' on COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. MADISON - Today we saw a total lack of leadership from Representative Vos, and Senate Republicans were absent altogether. April 15th was the last time we took the floor ...
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  • Wisconsin Should Invest in Education, Not Foreign Corporations

    In addition to tax breaks for millionaires, we have FoxConn causing a drain on our state’s resources during the pandemic, says Sen. Erpenbach. These past poor choices limit options now. MADISON - Virtually, in person, or planning and executing hybrid models, students and educators across Wisconsin are showing up and doing the hard work. Familie ...
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  • Now is Not the Time for Senate Recess

    Republicans came to the floor and gaveled in Monday, but delayed action. Legislature should listen and act now, says Sen. Erpenbach. WEST POINT, WI - The Wisconsin Legislature must rise to meet this moment. In March, Breonna Taylor was killed while officers executed a no-knock warrant on her home. In May, George Floyd was killed after being arre ...
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Tammy Baldwin, Senator from Wisconsin

In 2012, Tammy was elected to the U.S. Senate defeating former Wisconsin Governor and Bush Administration Cabinet Secretary Tommy Thompson. She is Wisconsin’s first woman to serve in the US Senate and is the first openly gay member elected to the Senate.
Tammy Baldwin is devoted to fighting for Wisconsin families and has been her whole life. Tammy was born and raised in the Badger State and in Wisconsin’s proud progressive tradition, she has a strong record of taking on corporate special interests and fighting for the middle class.

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  • My thoughts on the Wisconsin election results

    The Wisconsin GOP tried to steal an election, but last night, we found out they lost. Please sign my petition demanding universal vote-by-mail be included in the next coronavirus relief bill. WASHINGTON, DC - Last week, the Wisconsin GOP tried to steal a seat on the state’s Supreme Court by refusing to move our election or provide safe voting ...
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  • VOTE: Walker's worst ideas?

    MADISON - Wisconsinites have a celebrated history of progressivism. We value civic engagement and activism. We believe in the power of regular people and government’s role in improving and protecting the lives of citizens.But after six years under Governor Walker’s failed leadership, many of the values Wisconsinites hold dear are being eroded ...
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