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Written by Joint Finance Committee Democrats   
Thursday, 23 May 2019 09:22

school-bus-kidsRepublicans have announced a massive cut to the program compared to the Governor's "People’s Budget".

MADISON, WI – The Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) is holding an executive session today on K-12 education in the budget. We are meeting a day after Republicans announced their plans to continue grossly underfunding our education system.

After 8 years of historic cuts, the GOP is heading down the same path of prioritizing special interests and the wealthy above the kids in our state. Even though we currently have the lowest level of special education funding in Wisconsin’s history, Republicans announced a massive cut to the program compared to the People’s Budget. On the other hand, Democrats have listened to the families, kids and advocates of our state, and recognize the importance of funding this program and investing in the future of Wisconsin. JFC Democrats released the following statements:

jon-erpenbach“Whether the GOP is cutting special education by 91% or 84%, it’s still failing our kids,” said Senator Erpenbach (D-West Point). “Republicans’ lackluster attempt at filling the hole that they created is not fooling anyone. The GOP has spent the last 8 years cutting programs, and putting the burden on property taxpayers. The People’s Budget would reverse that trend and fully fund education.”

latonya-johnson“As a state, we should be concerned with providing our future generations not only with the ability to survive but the opportunity to thrive,” said Senator Johnson (D-Milwaukee). “Investing in a quality education for every Wisconsin child, no matter their zip code or family circumstance should be a top priority. The comprehensive investments the governor included in his education budget such as mental health services and special education investments are what Wisconsinites asked the governor and Legislature to include in the state budget.”

"Governor Evers and Joint Finance Democrats voted today to guarantee a world class education to kids in every corner of the state and of every ability,” said Representative Goyke (D-Milwaukee). “The Republican decision to deny these needed investments, after years of inadequate funding, is a generational mistake and shows a clear difference in the two parties.  Democrats proudly stand with our kids; they deserve nothing less."

“Republicans have turned Governor Evers’ kid-friendly budget into a budget for politicians,” said Representative Taylor (D-Madison). “They refuse to make the investments Governor Evers proposed that the vast majority of people in this state, from all districts, supported. Once again the Republicans’ priorities are not the priorities of the people of this state.”

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