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Foxconn Breaking Promises Before They've Even Broke Ground PDF Print E-mail
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Courtney Beyer   
Friday, 29 June 2018 10:09

walker-ryan-gou-foxconnFoxconn changes factory to one making smaller, older technology screens. New proposed plant smaller than "13,000 job" one first pledged to get $4.5 billion taxpayer giveaway.

MADISON - The following are statements from Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Martha Laning and Democratic Party of Wisconsin vice chair David Bowen on news that Foxconn is scaling back its factory in Mount Pleasant:

foxconn“Foxconn is breaking promises before they’ve even broke ground in Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin vice chair David Bowen. “That should set off alarm bells for every Wisconsinite: we may be stuck with even worse outcomes from this project while Foxconn continues to reap the benefits of its $4.5 billion taxpayer giveaway.

“Given these developments, I’m calling for an investigation into whether or not Foxconn breached its contract. If Foxconn is found to have broken its original promise, we should reallocate the subsidies it was granted to address the needs of working Wisconsin families and prioritize the people that money should have originally been prioritized.”

“A bad deal has gotten worse,” added Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Martha Laning. “But the fact is, the warning signs were there all along, and Scott Walker chose to ignore them. Now our children and our children’s children will be stuck with the fallout from this deal for decades to come because Walker put his political ambitions before our state's future.

“Scott Walker handed out $4.5 billion to Foxconn the minute they asked for it, yet spent years telling Wisconsinites that we didn’t have the money to fully fund our classrooms or our road repairs. A Democratic governor would have put their priorities with the hardworking people of Wisconsin, and invested in a future for Wisconsin that meant good schools for our children, safe roads to drive on and strong local economies and investments for entrepreneurs throughout the state.”


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel video.

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