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Andy Gronik Endorses Kelda Roys For Governor of Wisconsin PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Andy Gronik Press Office, Brandon Weathersby   
Saturday, 23 June 2018 10:13

kelda-roysFormer gubernatorial candidate encourages Wisconsinites to support Kelda Roys as the state’s next Governor.

MILWAUKEE – The crowded Wisconsin gubernatorial race has left many in “wait and see” mode. “That’s a recipe for Democrats’ fourth straight loss,” Gronik said. “Now is the time to pick the candidate that will beat Scott Walker in November! I thought I was that candidate, but it wasn’t in the cards. So, I took a day to say ‘thank you’ to some of the thousands of people who supported me. But now it’s time move on and get to electing the next governor of Wisconsin – Kelda Roys.”

andy-gronikFor those paralyzed by indecision, Gronik says, “Get over it or get used to losing. I stood on stage with all of those wonderful candidates – I like and respect every one of them, but that’s not the point. We need to choose the candidate that will beat Scott Walker in November. I believe that candidate is Kelda Roys and I strongly encourage everyone to check out her campaign now.

Gronik is not wasting any time helping Kelda get elected. Today, he’s launching fundraising emails on Kelda’s behalf and asking his social media followers – the largest in the race – to get on board with Kelda. “There’s simply no time to mess around,” Gronik said. “This is about building name recognition, excitement, and financial resources so Kelda sprints through that primary with the support needed to carry her to victory in November.”

To all the donors who have supported Democratic candidates in the past but are now sitting on the bench, Gronik says, “Get in the game – your indecision is a decision. It isn’t helping anyone, and you’re contributing to the confusion. I would simply ask donors, ‘When was the last time you got what you wanted by sitting back and doing nothing?’ There’s no ‘blue wave’ that’s going to carry just any Democratic candidate across the finish line. You need to join me and help make it happen starting today.”

Gronik outlined his top reason for endorsing Roys. “It’s very simple – I believe Kelda will beat Scott Walker in November. That’s it. No need to make this any more complicated than that.”

Andy Gronik will be hosting a fundraiser for Kelda Roys on Saturday, June 30th. Details forthcoming. Gronik is issuing a special “get off your butts” challenge to Wisconsin’s donor community to attend and match or beat his pledge to donate $5,000 to Kelda for governor. “If I can make a decision to support Kelda the day after getting out the race, you can, too. We’ve got nothing to lose but the election if the people and organizations in the position to make a difference continue to sit back and do nothing. Time’s up! Please join me in supporting Kelda for Governor.”

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