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Written by Wisconsin Senate, Jordan Krieger   
Thursday, 08 February 2018 11:50

walker-ryan-gou-foxconnGovernor Walker’s proposal to spend $7 million on ads to attract workers fails to prioritize training, access for Wisconsin residents.

MADISON – On Wednesday, the Joint Committee on Finance voted along party lines to approve Governor Walker’s proposal to spend $7 million to attract out-of-state residents for Wisconsin jobs. Following the passage, Senator Lena Taylor (D – Milwaukee) offered the following statement:

lena-taylor“Instead of spending $7 million on advertising, we need to prioritize training and access to jobs for Wisconsin residents,” said Senator Lena Taylor (D – Milwaukee). “Wisconsinites are ready to work, and we need to empower them with the tools and pathways to attain employment.”

During the committee, Senator Taylor also highlighted the proposal’s implications for who will have access to the jobs allegedly being created by Foxconn.

“During the Foxconn deliberations, Democratic members were repeatedly told that the jobs would go to Wisconsinites, particularly for residents in areas facing significant barriers to employment. In those same deliberations, Republican members voted against funding for regional transportation and opposed ‘Buy Wisconsin’ clauses that would have ensured our businesses would have a chance to contribute to the Foxconn project. Once again, it looks like Governor Walker is putting corporate interests and election politics ahead of Wisconsin residents.”

Taylor also noted Wisconsin’s shameful record on racial equality and diversity. Last year, Wisconsin ranked last in the nation for racial equality. In previous years, studies have also ranked Wisconsin as the worst state for black Americans.

“Wisconsin was rated one of the worst states in the nation to raise a black child. How do you market that? To rank dead-last in the nation for racial equality in today’s increasingly diverse world hurts our ability to retain Wisconsin residents and attract individuals to our state. This reality is unacceptable, embarrassing, and a threat to our economic future.”


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