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Is this a Senate race or a yacht sale? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Friday, 14 April 2017 15:04

Mark BellingWith Sean Duffy out, the Republican Party is scrambling heading into 2018.

MADISON - The Republican primary for U.S. Senate is already shaping up to be a complete circus. With presumed front-runner Rep. Sean Duffy declining to enter the race, the Republican Party is scrambling to get its ducks in a row heading into 2018. Currently, the potential Republican field consists of millionaires trying to buy a Senate seat while sniping at each other at every turn.  

Even conservative radio personality, Mark Belling, is unimpressed with the current slate of candidates noting in a Waukesha Freeman article that "Money can buy a lot of things in life and a Senate seat is one of them. But in this case, the race looks like an auction. The losers may be Wisconsin conservatives. Maybe."

In the article, Belling goes through the list of potential Republican candidates, starting with Nicole Schneider's and the millions she inherited from her late father, "That will buy you a lot of things like a G4, ownership of the stallion who won the Triple Crown in 2015 and have enough money left over for to buy a Senate seat." Belling slams the recently Democratic Kevin Nicholson for having a "sugar daddy" in Richard Uihlein, the owner of the Uline Corporation. Uihlein put $2 million into a political action committee formed to back Nicholson.

Belling pegs 2012 U.S. Senate candidate, Eric Hovde, as someone who tried to buy the same seat in 2012 and is poised to spend even more "evidently figuring if the first offer is too low you simply have to spend more." Even with Senator Leah Vukmir's potential candidacy, the radio host signals that Sen. Vukmir may team up with right-wing billionaire Diane Hendricks to survive the primary. 

Read Mark Belling's entire column online.

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