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Written by Russ Feingold   
Wednesday, 14 December 2016 15:03

trump-nuclearPresident-elect Trump has talked about using nuclear weapons in Europe and against ISIS.

MADISON - The groups and candidates who helped our grassroots campaign haven't stopped doing great work. The first group I'd like for you to consider supporting -- if you don't already -- is the Council for a Livable World. During my campaign, they endorsed me for Senate and raised nearly 2,‌000 grassroots contributions from their members.

Council for a Livable World is continuing to lead the fight for progressive national security, and they need your help. Sign up to join them tod‌ay.

Council for a Livable World has worked to promote sensible and progressive national security for over 5‌0 yea‌rs. They've been at the forefront of some of the biggest arms control achievements, like the post-Cold War U.S. nuclear test moratorium; The Chemical Weapons Convention; And numerous arms control treaties.

President-elect Trump has talked about using nuclear weapons in Europe and against ISIS. He also suggested that more countries should get access to nuclear weapons, and that he'll "rip up" the Iran Deal -- one of our nation's biggest diplomatic achievements in a generation.

We can't let any of this happen. Fortunately, our close friends at the Council for a Livable World are leading the charge against Trump's disastrous agenda.

The Council has also helped to elect hundreds of progressive national security champions, and they worked hard to help our campaign. Add your name tod‌ay to join them in 2‌017 -- and onward.

If they're going to stay strong against our President-elect and his reckless, dangerous foreign policy agenda, the Council for a Livable World needs your help.

Thanks for your support, and for pledging to keep up the fight.

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