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Wednesday, 26 June 2024 10:56

elizabeth-warrenDuring the two-day tour, Senator Warren spoke to voters, volunteers, activists, and elected officials in Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, and Hudson. Hopes to Stop Trump’s Abortion Bans.

MADISON - This week, to mark the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump overturning Roe v. Wade, Senator Elizabeth Warren crisscrossed the Badger State to highlight the threat Trump poses to reproductive freedom.

During the two-day tour, Senator Warren spoke to voters, volunteers, activists, and elected officials in Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, and Hudson. In Milwaukee and Madison, she was joined by reproductive rights advocate Amanda Zurawski, who nearly died twice because of Donald Trump’s extreme abortion bans and has previously campaigned for the Biden-Harris campaign in Wisconsin.

Trump and his MAGA Republican allies have made it clear they will ban abortion nationwide if he is re-elected.

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On the Airwaves:

WDJT (CBS – Milwaukee, WI):

“Advocates stressed while abortions are legal right now in Wisconsin, they argue other reproductive rights could be in jeopardy if former president Donald Trump is reelected.”

WQOW (ABC – La Crosse, WI): “U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren came to Madison to support abortion rights on the two-year anniversary of the country overturning Roe versus Wade. The Democrat from Massachusetts said former president Trump caused the downfall of Roe. She said she and President Joe Biden are fighting to protect access to abortion, contraception and in-vitro fertilization.”

WISN (ABC – Milwaukee, WI): Senator Elizabeth Warren: “The Supreme Court took away a constitutional right, protected for half the people in this country when they overruled Roe versus Wade, but the people have the power to take that back. And it starts right here in Wisconsin.”

WKOW (ABC – Madison, WI): “Warren will talk about how former president Donald Trump appointed justices to the Supreme Court who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

WDJT (CBS – Milwaukee, WI): “Democrats campaigning on behalf of President Joe Biden will be crisscrossing the state today to remind voters of what happened two years ago today to mark the second anniversary of Roe’s reversal… the campaign says they'll be holding 50 events across the county to highlight the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2022 decision that overturned the federal legal right to an abortion.”

WISC (CBS – Madison, WI):

“Top Democratic leaders – Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in Madison Monday – campaigning on behalf of President Joe Biden – speaking out against the [Supreme Court] decision. Ahead of Warren's visit to Wisconsin, Warren said in a statement, ‘I'm here in Wisconsin because this state will play a critical role in deciding whether Donald Trump gets another four years in the Oval Office.’”

WEAU (NBC – La Crosse, WI):

Senator Elizabeth Warren: “If Donald Trump is in the White House, it won't matter what you've done here in Wisconsin. It won't matter what we've done in Massachusetts. Abortion will be banned everywhere in this country.”

WQOW (ABC – La Crosse, WI): Senator Elizabeth Warren: “One out of every three women of reproductive age lives in a state that basically blocks access to abortion. Donald Trump and the Republicans will not rest until it is three out of three women. That is until abortion is blocked all across this country.”


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Democrats lean into anniversary of Dobbs abortion decision to mobilize Wisconsin voters

[Rachel Hale, 6/25/24]


"Donald Trump and the extremist Republicans are coming for access to abortion, access to contraception and access to IVF and it is up to us to stop them," Warren said. "The very notion that health care is a private decision between a patient and a physician, that is on the ballot on Nov. 5."


Trump has frequently taken credit for knocking down Roe v. Wade and has also suggested states should set their own abortion policies, not the federal government.

“After 50 years of failure, with nobody coming even close, I was able to kill Roe v. Wade,” Trump wrote in a May 2023 post on Truth Social. “Without me there would be no 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 15 weeks, or whatever is finally agreed to. Without me the pro Life movement would have just kept losing.”


WKOW: Sen. Elizabeth Warren shows support for Biden-Harris Campaign

[Brandon Taylor, 6/24/24]


"I am fighting for everyone who may be in a position of having to make a medical decision, and believes that that medical decision should be between the patient and the doctor, and not a politician in Washington," Sen. Warren said.


Channel 3000: Elizabeth Warren stops in Madison condemning the reversal of Roe V. Wade on two-year anniversary

[Jaylon Banks, 6/24/24]


"Just thinking for right here in Wisconsin, you guys are so important to this fight. You are really the wedge point here. It is critical that your votes bring us back the House of Representatives," said Warren.


CBS58: Democrats reaffirm support for abortion rights on second anniversary of overturning Roe

[Emilee Fannon, 6/24/24]


"In the two years since that Dobbs decision we've seen Republicans across the country step into action and do whatever they can to roll back these rights," said Jessica Mackler, President of EMILYs list, an organization that works to elect Democratic pro-choice women.


TMJ4: 'All on the line': Sen. Warren talks importance of reproductive rights in 2024 presidential race

[Charles Benson, 6/24/24]


"It's all on the line in the presidential race if Donald Trump gets elected President," said Sen Warren. "The Republicans have laid out the plans where he all by himself can get rid of abortion nationwide, not just in some states nationwide and there is nothing that the individual states can do about it."


Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren makes the case for Joe Biden on abortion across the country

[Lissandra Villa de Petrzelka, 6/24/24]

“I’m here because Joe Biden fights for abortion access, so I fight for Joe Biden,” Warren said to applause from the crowd.


“I see this as many voices make us stronger” she said. “The fact that Joe Biden wants me and others to go out and talk about abortion is one more sign of how committed he is to protecting patients to make their own decisions and trying to get . . . politicians out of it.”


Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Sen. Warren visits Eau Claire, talks abortion rights, upcoming debate

[Chris Vetter, 6/25/24]


“Joe Biden fights for access to health care, so I fight for Joe Biden,” she said. “It’s not just about abortion — it’s some forms of contraception and it’s IVF.”

Warren noted that, for years, Republicans talked about eliminating the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision. It happened in 2022, with the assistance of three Supreme Court justices appointed by former President Donald Trump.

“Until two years ago, it was speculation,” Warren said. “Think about what we’ve learned since then.”


WQOW: Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren joins Gov. Evers in Biden campaign stop focused on abortion rights

[Elliot Adams, 6/25/24]


Another focus was reproductive rights in general, with warnings that I.V.F. and certain contraception methods could be at risk with a Trump victory. Also with a Trump victory, Evers said in Wisconsin, challenges to Wisconsin's abortion laws could be moot.

"At the end of the day, we just have to be prepared because even if we're successful, and I'm planning on having success with the Supreme Court, Donald Trump has been very very clear on what he has in mind."


WEAU: Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigns in Eau Claire

[Kim Leadholm, 6/25/24]


“If Donald Trump is in the White House, it won’t matter what you’ve done here in Wisconsin. It won’t matter what we’ve done in Massachusetts,” Warren said. “Abortion will be banned everywhere in this country.”

When Roe v. Wade was overturned two years ago, an 1849 law in Wisconsin went into effect criminalizing abortion with no exception unless the life of the mother is at risk.

“We really hadn’t thought about that 1849 law that we had,” Governor Tony Evers said. “It was in the back of our head but we never thought that we’d end up with that 1849 bill.”


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