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Priorities USA Launches “Bird’s-Eye View” Newsletter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Priorities USA Press   
Thursday, 20 June 2024 16:47

trump-biden-debateBird's-Eye View Provides Reporters and Insiders Key Insights Into Digital Spending Up and Down the Ballot.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Priorities USA launched “Bird's-Eye View” a newsletter providing reporters and insiders with key insights into the digital ad landscape for the 2024 campaign cycle. Bird's-Eye View will share online spending information, tracking, and analysis that Democrats are currently working with to give others a look under the hood on the digital landscape in the 2024 cycle. The information and data presented in Bird's-Eye View is powered by AdHawk, the digital spending tracking tool Democratic campaigns and partners use to track competitive data campaigns use to target, buy ads and win.

AdHawk is the only digital ad tracking platform that tracks spending up and down the ballot, currently tracking over 5,000 races for the 2024 cycle. It is also the only digital ad tracking platform that tracks the content of the ads, powered by artificial intelligence, giving Democratic campaigns and organizations a deeper understanding into what messages allies and opponents are using. AdHawk categorizes ads as “persuasion” and “mobilization” ads versus “fundraising” ads – a key piece of information that has been commonly misinterpreted regarding Trump’s online efforts.

AdHawk currently tracks online spending on Google, Meta, Snapchat and Twitter/X platforms, along with CTV. It also provides its users with hyper local geographic, age, gender and language targeting. 

AdHawk’s data covers back to May 2018, allowing users to analyze and track historical competitive data. Since its infancy, AdHawk has tracked digital ad spending for over 9,000 elected offices.

“The Priorities team built AdHawk in the face of Trump's self-titled ‘death star’ and since then, it’s evolved to become an instrumental tool to help Democrats up and down the ballot win races,” said Danielle Butterfield, Executive Director of Priorities USA. “We are now taking the step to share insights and information from this tool with insiders and reporters to offer a better understanding into how campaigns are won and lost online. Priorities will continue to focus its efforts on digital advertising this cycle, alongside building digital infrastructure tools like AdHawk in order to grow and expand the Democratic electorate over the next decade.”

“When we set out to build AdHawk, there was no tool that allowed strategists to sort persuasion from fundraising ads, to understand who was being targeted and communicated to and how much was behind each ad,” said Nick Ahamed, Deputy Executive Director of Priorities USA. “AdHawk is now shining a light on what the ads are, compiling publicly available data, narrowing it to relevant political ads and offering strategic insight to Democratic campaigns and organizations about spending and content online across all platforms.”

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