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Friday, 17 May 2024 18:46

milw-city-workers“They are beginning to deliver real results for the people that we serve, and you know what? We’re just getting started, y’all,” said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley.

MILWAUKEE - Yesterday, Vice President Harris visited Wisconsin to highlight the Biden-Harris administration’s investments in advancing economic opportunity, creating jobs, and supporting small businesses.  In a conversation with D.L. Hughley, the Vice President discussed increasing contracts going to minority-owned businesses and promoting access to capital. The visit was the third stop on the Vice President’s Economic Opportunity Tour. During the event, the Vice President announced $40 million to help expand housing counseling services across the country, including $300,000 of new funding for Wisconsin.

kamala-harrisWhile in Milwaukee, Vice President Harris also discussed the impact of historic investments for Black Wisconsinites on popular Milwaukee Black radio show Community Voice with Keith Parris on WNOV.

While Donald Trump oversaw a rise in unemployment and the uninsured rate for Black Americans and did little to invest in Black communities, President Biden and Vice President Harris have delivered for Black Wisconsinites by capping the cost of insulin at $35 for seniors, protecting critical services that Black seniors rely on like Social Security and Medicare, and working to reconnect minority neighborhoods torn apart by highway construction.

See the coverage below:

On the Airwaves:

WNOV Radio – Community Voice with Keith Parris: Vice President Harris: “This Economic Opportunity Tour that I've started and created is intended to give information to people in the community about what is available to them both in terms of access to loans and things of that nature, but also to let them know how we are working to remove obstacles to economic well-being.”

WLUK (FOX – Green Bay, WI):

Vice President Harris: “Because of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure Act, we are dropping trillions of dollars on the streets of America right now, to build back up our roads and our bridges, our sidewalks, to invest in a clean energy economy.”

WGBA (NBC - Green Bay, WI):

Milwaukee Small Business Owner Dr. Jennifer Potts: “Sometimes we worry about the stability of our small businesses, including my small business. I own a school right on 38th and Center and it’s been tough. So just to hear the Vice President speak to our hearts, for individuals that do feel like we have been left behind, it’s real.”

WMTV (NBC – Madison, WI): “Harris talked about the historical inequalities involved in buying and owning a home, including redlining and segregation, which really have plagued the Milwaukee area. She says the Biden administration is working to make it easier for all people to buy a home.”

WISC (CBS – Madison, WI):

Vice President Harris: "Who's in the position of power matters, because, one, if you don't even have any level of awareness or interest in these disparities, you're not gonna get anything done on them. And then when you become aware, if you actually intend to get something done, you have to hold yourself and the system to account."

WFRV (CBS – Green Bay, WI): Vice President Harris: “When you see the signs around Milwaukee and around our country, brought to you by the Biden-Harris administration, and you see a crane and you see shovels in the ground, it's going to be with and in partnership with our brothers and sisters of labor, IBEW, who's doing the great apprenticeship work, and it's going to be businesses like Mr. Phelp’s who are doing that work, so we want them to know what is available to them.”

WDJT (CBS – Milwaukee, WI): Vice President Harris: “We have now forgiven 150 billion dollars of student loan debt for over 4 million Americans. Nurses, firefighters, teachers would get double the amount of debt forgiveness.”

WISN (ABC – Milwaukee, WI): “Harris was in town touting accomplishments of the Biden-Harris economic agenda. The administration also announced $40 million in funding to help close a home ownership gap in underserved communities nationwide.”

Spectrum News (Milwaukee, WI):

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson: “I've got enormous, enormous confidence that if we stay the course with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that more good things are ahead for Milwaukee and more good things are ahead for us right here in the state of Wisconsin.”

WSAW (CBS – Wausau, WI): “Today was the third stop on [Vice President Harris’] nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour. It focuses on initiatives investing in America's population. Some topics discussed today include affordable housing, student loan forgiveness, and lowering the cost of child care.”

WISN (ABC – Milwaukee, WI): “According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than $300,000 of this new funding will help Wisconsin home buyers.”

WBAY (NBC – Green Bay): Vice President Harris: "Not everyone has access to the information but when they do have access, then there's no… lack of ambition, aspiration, good ideas, work ethic, there's no lack of any of that. And that's why I'm doing this tour.”


Spectrum News: Vice President Harris brings ‘Economic Opportunity Tour’ to Milwaukee

[Anthony DaBruzzi, 5/16/24]


Milwaukee leaders praised Harris for the partnership they said has made those impactful investments possible in the first place.


“They are beginning to deliver real results for the people that we serve, and you know what? We’re just getting started, y’all,” Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley added. “We are just getting started because what’s good for Milwaukee County is good for the entire state of Wisconsin.”


WKOW: VP Harris highlights economic resources the Biden-Harris administration has approved during visit to Milwaukee

[Caroline Bach, 5/16/24]


During Thursday's visit, Vice President Harris said she wants to share with people what resources are available to help them get ahead in today's economy.

She touted the construction projects the Inflation Reduction Act sparked but also acknowledged the disparities and obstacles that exist. One of the examples she gave was racism in home appraisals. She highlighted two improvements the administration made.

"We are now requiring that home appraisers be trained on racial bias. And we have set up basically a report line to let people know there is somewhere to go with this information," Vice President Harris said.

The vice president also talked about the administration's efforts to help people with medical debt.

"People have these hospital bills, these doctor's bills, that can be in the tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars for an unexpected emergency, so we have decided that well, look. It's not like that medical emergency happened, because you're financially irresponsible. That's a health care matter, so we are now saying medical debt cannot be included in your credit score."


WLUK: Vice President Harris visits Milwaukee, fourth trip to battleground Wisconsin this year

[Mallory Allen, 5/16/24]


Harris' visit to Milwaukee was part of her nationwide "Economic Opportunity Tour" which the Biden Administration describes as "a series of events focused on investing in communities, building wealth, and ensuring every American has the freedom to thrive."


FOX6 News: Vice President Kamala Harris in Milwaukee, touts economic efforts

[Jason Calvi and FOX6 News Digital Team, 5/16/24]


Comedian D.L. Hughley joined Harris as part of what the vice president dubbed the "Economic Opportunity Tour," which highlights a few of the administration's efforts – including historical investments, economic opportunity and community support.

"This is what is, frankly, facetious and wrong about the bootstrap theory – ‘just pick yourself up,’" Harris said. "'If you want to do better, you would do better. It must be some sign of a flaw in your character that you’re not doing as well as I am,' instead of understanding that not everyone has access to the information."


A crowd of 300 people, including Black small business owners, attended Thursday's gathering at Discovery World. Jaquilla Allen met the vice president; both share the same sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

"It was even more exciting because she looks like me, she's part of our organization, so it was lovely, just an experience," Allen said.


WisPolitics: Harris in Milwaukee touts efforts to boost economic opportunities for people of color

[Staff, 5/16/24]


Harris said those whose parents own a home are able to take equity out of it to help their children with a down payment, an option that isn’t available to those who grew up in families that rented.

“That’s how intergenerational wealth works,” Harris said. “But if you start with nothing, how are we going to give people those opportunities? And so it’s about acknowledgement and then pushing through the actual policies that are not just about lip service, but actually making a difference.”


WPR: Vice President Kamala Harris plugs economy in latest Wisconsin visit

[Evan Casey, 5/16/24]


“We are dropping trillions of dollars on the streets of America right now, to build back up our roads and our bridges, our sidewalks, to invest in the clean energy economy, to deal with the climate crisis in a way that is about building up adaptation and resilience,” Harris said during a moderated conversation with comedian and actor D.L. Hughley at Discovery World in downtown Milwaukee.


620 WTMJ: Vice President Kamala Harris talks housing, economy in Milwaukee

[Adam Roberts, 5/16/24]

If it feels like the Biden administration has been making a point of visiting Wisconsin a lot in 2024, that’s because it’s true. And Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris made her fourth visit to the Badger state this year alone.


At the event, the Vice President announced around 300,000 dollars in funding for housing counseling services in Wisconsin; a recent study by Forbes indicated an inability to afford a home was the leading factor in choosing to rent, and a study in March found the average rent for a Milwaukee apartment was over 1,800 dollars a month.


WISN: Vice President Kamala Harris visits Milwaukee to highlight economic agenda

[Cyreia Sandlin, 5/16/24]


"It's not like a medical emergency happened because you're financially irresponsible, that's a health care matter. So, we are now saying medical debt cannot be included in your credit score," Harris added.

WISN 12 News spoke to one Milwaukee couple who says this hits close to home. Duane and Shontina Gladney own an executive consulting business.

"I've been through a lot of health challenges, with everything she said, now, I understand," Duane said.

Harris told the crowd more than 90% of construction companies in America have 20 or fewer employees.

"They're small businesses doing extraordinary work," Harris said.

"Having someone like that to understand the pulse of the community, as far as small business owners. I'm a small business owner, and usually, that's not the top of the discussion," Shontina Gladney said.


TMJ4: Small business owners react to Kamala Harris' Economic Opportunity Tour

[Mariam Mackar, 5/16/24]

It's only May and Vice President Kamala Harris was in Wisconsin today for the fourth time this year.


"This is also about investing in the communities and the civic fabric of communities that contributes to the economic health and well-being of cities," Harris told the crowd.

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