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Shelton says NO on Sending Public Money to Private Institutions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kristina Shelton Press   
Friday, 23 February 2024 15:56

school-kidsAssembly Bill 900 demonstrates a fundamental disconnect between GOP and the critical needs of Wisconsin public schools.

MADISON - The State Assembly took up over 20 bills this week relating to K-12 education in our state. Among these bills was Assembly Bill 900 which would send hundreds of millions of state general funds to voucher and independent charter schools. On this bill and others’ passage this week, Representative Kristina Shelton (D-Green Bay) offered the following statement:

kristina-shelton“The introduction of Assembly Bill 900 demonstrates a fundamental disconnect between my GOP colleagues and the critical needs of Wisconsin public schools. Over 87% of Wisconsin students attend public schools, and despite the bipartisan common sense solutions recommended to uplift our public schools, my colleagues across the aisle continue to prioritize efforts to send public money to private institutions. The voucher and independent charter schools that would benefit from this legislation do not have the same transparency and accountability as public schools and are legally allowed to discriminate against Wisconsin students.

“Further, AB 900 would take hundreds of millions of dollars annually from our states most flexible funding source and give it to the same private education institutions that just recently received a massive boost in funding in the passage of Act 11.

“Public schools must be prioritized – that’s it. Excluding public schools from the simplification of funding is counterproductive to improving school safety, special education, school nutrition, and the long list of needs Wisconsin educators have fought for.

“To protect and uphold the priorities of our public schools, I voted no on Assembly Bill 900 and ask my GOP colleagues to take bipartisan action in the next state budget to fully fund our public schools.”

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