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Trump Threatening Our Allies (Again) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Biden for President 2024 Press   
Thursday, 22 February 2024 08:35

putin-dcThe following is a statement from Biden-Harris 2024 senior spokesperson Kevin Munoz in response to Donald Trump saying (again) on Fox News he would not defend our NATO allies:

“Extorting our allies, empowering Putin, and encouraging war is now a staple of Donald Trump’s campaign stump. While Trump threatens to walk away from our NATO allies from the safety of a Fox News studio, the people of Ukraine fight for their own freedom and right to exist with bravery and purpose Trump could never understand — because he only cares about what’s good for Donald Trump. That’s not who the American people are – over 70% of whom stand against Trump’s plan to let Putin “do whatever the hell he wants.” Trump is a weak leader – someone who doesn’t understand the power of democracy here at home or across the globe. That’s why he’ll lose again to Joe Biden this November.”

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