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Friday, 13 October 2023 11:52

biden-harris-2022Key Point: “President Biden’s reelection effort will launch a pilot test of its 2024 organizing strategy in Wisconsin and Arizona next month, hiring about two dozen staffers and opening a Milwaukee office with a new focus on digital and in-person outreach that aims to directly leverage the personal relationships of volunteers.”

Washington Post: Biden team launches organizing pilot project in Wisconsin and Arizona
By Michael Scherer


  • This “relational organizing” has become a growing part of Democratic campaigns for several cycles, outperforming traditional door-knocking and call sheet lists that volunteers have long used to contact strangers during campaigns. But the scale of what the Biden campaign, in concert with the national party, is planning for next year has not been attempted before.
  • “At the DNC we can make phone calls and send texts and do a lot of cold calls and outreach, but we cannot cut through the noise in the same way you can,” Meg DiMartino, the chief of staff for organizing at the national party, told more than a dozen volunteers in a virtual training Wednesday. “You cannot unsubscribe from your mom in the way you can unsubscribe from other organizations.”
  • The initial pilot program will constitute four efforts, targeting Latinos, African Americans, women and young people, initially focusing on the college communities in Wisconsin, the Black neighborhoods of Milwaukee and the vote-rich Phoenix metropolitan area. Biden advisers plan to closely monitor the effectiveness of the efforts in concert with existing advertising campaigns before expanding across the seven major battleground states next year.
  • The goal of the program is to arm a nationwide network of Biden volunteers by next year with content they can share in these places, and to empower them to take action in their own social circles to get Biden reelected and improve Democratic targeting data.
  • “I think we’re really blurring the distinction between what online and offline organizing is,” said Ramsey Reid, the Democratic National Committee’s states director. “There is absolutely a space for delivering content and campaign messaging through in-person communities and also through communities online, whether it’s your Discord chat because you’re a gamer, or whether it’s your Peloton class that’s virtual but you’ve got the same group of friends that always do it, or it’s your PTA group, or your pickleball club.”
  • The program in the seven major battleground states — which are expected to eventually include North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada, in addition to Arizona and Wisconsin — is expected to be built out by next spring, reaching its full strength in the final months of the campaign. By then, the Biden team is planning to launch a more traditional door-knocking effort as well.
  • Victor Rubio Rivera, another organizer with the DNC, asked volunteers during the training to compare their results with past experiences knocking on the doors of empty homes or being forced to leave voice-mail messages.
  • “I have at times made 100-plus calls, literally manually dialed calls, and talked to like four people with real conversations,” he said. “So this is absolutely incredible.”
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