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UAW Workers Welcome President Biden to Michigan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Biden for President 2024 Press   
Wednesday, 27 September 2023 10:57

biden-michigan-unionPresident visits picket line to stand with striking workers.

DETROIT - Yesterday, United Auto Worker members welcomed President Biden to Michigan to stand with them on the picket line in solidarity as the labor union continues their strike for fair pay. President Biden is the first sitting president in American history to visit a picket line and stand with striking workers. 

"The truth of the matter is you guys, UAW, you saved the automobile industry back in 2008,” said President Biden speaking to union members. “You made a lot of sacrifices and gave up a lot. And the companies were in trouble. Now they're doing incredibly well. And you should be doing incredibly well, too,"

Union members praised the president’s leadership and spoke about the meaning and power of having President Biden join them in their efforts to achieve higher wages for themselves and their families. Several also slammed Donald Trump for repeatedly putting corporations ahead of the middle class and breaking his promises to unions – just as the former president returns to Michigan today for an event at a non-union facility. 

Take a look at what workers are saying:

UAW Worker on Fox Detroit 4: "I’m not a Trump supporter. I don't believe in Trump. He's the one who told all the corporations that they wouldn't have to pay their fair share. All we want is them to pay their fair share, but Trump is not for the fair share. … They pay less than us middle-class people… [Trump] has done nothing but talk bad about the auto workers, say how we’re scum, and that we’re lazy. Well, you come into this plant, and you work that line, and you tell me if we're lazy or not."

UAW Retiree Bill Cress on ABC 74: “We got a lot of politicians who point out problems and make promises, and never get anything fixed but that’s not Joe [Biden].” 

UAW Worker Jason Craig on NBC’s Meet the Press Now: “[Biden’s] walking the walk and talking the talk. … He’s been in our corner.”

UAW Worker on CBS News Detroit: “It means everything… That made us all feel good: that made us all feel like [President Biden] stands true to his cause.”

UAW Regional Director for Ohio and Indiana Dave Green: “Just look who Trump put in the courts… Look at his record with the labor relations board. He did nothing to support organized labor except lip service. … The guy came to my community and flat out lied to everybody… Banks were closing, schools were shutting down. I wrote the guy two letters, and he didn’t even reply.”

UAW Worker on ABC World News Tonight: “It means a lot. I think it's going to bring a lot of attention to our cause. It's going to get the attention of the CEOs that [President Biden is] here, he's with us, he's standing with us.”

UAW Local 14 President Tony Totty on CNN: “Joe Biden's been by our side the whole way through. It's nice to hear these words while the companies are profitable. If anybody knows what we deserve, it is President Joe Biden. When you look at the Obama administration, he was over the reconstruction for the auto industry. He knows what we gave up. Now that these corporations are so profitable, just like he said, we deserve that raise.”

UAW Worker on MSNBC: Asked what his message is to President Biden: “Thank you for taking this into consideration and taking a look at this matter to help keep our economy moving forward and building stronger.”

UAW Worker Dianna Phillips on CNN: “I think it is great that [President Biden] is coming today. I think he will bring a lot of publicity and a lot of focus on facilities for Stellantis, for Ford, for GM, to help us get to a contract that we deserve.”

UAW Worker on CNN: On the President’s visit being meaningful: “Yes, it does. He's the top. So, it means a lot to us, and we just want what's fair, that's it. That's all we want.”

UAW Worker Angelina Ontiveroz on ABC News Detroit: “At first I was, you know, a little skeptical, but when [President Biden] got out there and he spoke, I believe that he is for us working-class union workers.” 

UAW President Shawn Fain on MSNBC: “I think it's a historic day. I mean, just from the fact that the president chose to come and stand up with workers, you know, and this was about our members. I mean, I don't want to sidestep what this is all about. I mean, the members being out there standing up for their future and for a better future are what brought the president here and it's a great testament to see him come here. And you know, I think his comments were very well received. [President Biden] recognizing the sacrifices our members made, you know, he was there back in the Great Recession, and he recounted the sacrifices our members made, and also how our members have not kept up since then, and have not been paid back when they've generated all these great profits for the companies.” 

UAW Worker on Fox Detroit: “Very historic. I don't remember any president coming to a picket line. But, Joe before he was president was coming to picket lines. He's consistent. We have a lot of consistent folk pointing out problems, [President Biden] fixes them. I was very pleased to see him coming down the road.”

UAW Worker on CNN: about POTUS visit to MI: “I am very glad to see that he's supportive of us in our fight. All we're asking for is for a good contract and we have workers that work here that can't even afford to purchase the vehicles that they build.”

UAW Worker on CBS News Detroit: “I think it’s wonderful, it’s about time we get the fair contract for what we deserve.”

UAW Worker on CBS News Detroit: “It just gives it attention. We need people to understand what we’re going through.”

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