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Written by Citizen Action of Wisconsin Press   
Tuesday, 08 November 2022 10:06

voters-2022-gettyDeep Canvass conversations having a high impact on voters compared to traditional campaign communications.

Statewide: Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s top election focus this cycle is Mandela Barnes for United States Senator and targeted down ballot races. As a grassroots membership organization with a statewide reach, we are working intensively on the ground in all five of our regional chapters across the state (we call our membership chapters organizing cooperatives).

Our organizers and members are engaging voters in deep canvassing conversations, at doors and on phones, which has a more profound impact than more transactional campaign communications.

Our deep canvass efforts, in partnership with our national federation People’s Action, are having a measurable impact that could influence outcomes given the tight margins in Wisconsin elections.

Our organizers, members, and volunteers were able to move 17% of voters they spoke to on phones and 5% of voters on doors away from Ron Johnson and toward Mandela Barnes and our endorsed down ballot candidates.

In the general election through November 6th, Citizen Action members, organizers, and volunteers from coalition partners made 101,000 calls to voters, knocked 3,100 of doors, and had over a combined 3,000 deep conversations since the primary.

“The billionaire funded onslaught of dark television and social media ads seething with misinformation, division, and hatred is poisoning our democracy,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “The best anecdote to the selfish economic elites trashing our democracy for their own profit is authentic conversations between fellow citizens about the issues that matter to our communities. When we actually listen to each other we can rise above the toxic propaganda, forge common ground, and restore the bonds of community.”

Down Ballot Targeted Races

The primary goals of Citizen Action’s down ballot election work is to increase the number of progressives in the State Senate and Assembly and to protect Governor Evers’s veto from an anti-democratic GOP supermajority.

jeff-smithIn the Chippewa Valley region and contiguous rural areas Citizen Action volunteers are canvassing for former Citizen Action organizer Senator Jeff Smith (State Senate District 31), Citizen Action member Representative Jodi Emerson (Assembly District 91), and Assembly candidate Alison Page (Assembly District 93).

Citizen Action volunteers in North Central Wisconsin are canvassing for Kristin Conway (Assembly District 85).

Milwaukee area volunteers are canvassing for LuAnn Bird (Assembly District 84) and Nathan Jurowski (Assembly District 21). The newly drawn 84th is a major pick up opportunity, pitting Bird against extremist former Milwaukee Alder Bob Donovan.

kristina-sheltonIn Northeast Wisconsin, volunteers are canvassing for Citizen Action member Representatives Kristina Shelton (Assembly District 90) and Lee Snodgrass (Assembly District 57), Citizen Action member Renee Gasch (Assembly District 2), and youth activist Hannah Beauchamp-Pope (Assembly District 88).

Citizen Action has a new chapter that is being built on the Northside of Milwaukee in the African American community, our Northside Rising Organizing Co-op.  In addition to Mandela Barnes, volunteers are canvassing in two special Common Council races for Mark Chambers, Jr (District 2) and Representative Jonathan Brostoff (District 3).


We are watching our endorsed candidates who we canvassed for in the primaries, including member Representative Sara Rodriguez (Lt. Gov.) and member Darrin Madison (Assembly District 10).

Other Citizen Action endorsed candidates include: Aaron Richardson (State Treasurer), Brad Pfaff (WI Congress, District 3), Sarah Harrison (Assembly District 13), Representative Don Vruwink (Assembly District 33), Leah Spicer (Assembly District 51), Laura Gapske (Assembly District 73), Citizen Action member Representative Steve Doyle (Assembly District 94), Jayne Swiggum (Assembly District 96), Jessica Katzenmeyer (State Senate District 05), and Kelly Westlund (State Senate District 25); Supervisor Ryan Clancy (Assembly District 19), Danielle Johnson (Assembly District 29), Sarah Yacoub (Assembly District 30), Clinton Anderson (Assembly District 45), Mayor Lori Palmeri (Assembly District 54), Patrick Hayden (Assembly District  56), Dan Larsen (Assembly District 60), Representative and Assembly Minority Leader Greta Neubauer (Assembly District 66), Jason Bennett (Assembly District 67), Nate Otto (Assembly District 68), Lisa Boero (Assembly District 69), Criste Greening (Assembly District 72), John Adams (Assembly District 74), Representative Francesca Hong (Assembly District 76), Supervisor Alex Joers (Assembly District 79), Elizabeth Riley (Assembly District 87), Maria Bamoni (Assembly District 92), Bob Look (State Senate District 29), and Richard Ausman (WI Congress, District 7).

We are watching two referendums throughout the state as well: Yes on Clean Water Now Referendum in Adams and Juneau County and Yes on Green Bay Area Public School District Referendum.


How can antiracists ask racists to open their minds and change when we are closed minded and unwilling to change?-- Ibram X Kendi

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