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Written by WisDems Press, Hannah Menchhoff   
Thursday, 03 November 2022 14:44

construction-workersMilwaukee Journal Sentinel reports no Black people and only two Hispanic people working in leadership positions in Wisconsin's largest construction company.

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel highlighted Tim Michels’ company's lack of diversity, with little or no minorities holding leadership positions. Overall, public records show Michels Corp was, at its most diverse, 88% white, and Michels Corp’s racial diversity in the past decade was far worse than national construction industry averages.

This also comes after a report revealed that under Michels’ leadership, multiple cases of sexual assault, harassment, and racial discrimination against female and minority workers were reported. Michels previously described himself as “responsible for everything” at Michels Corp, including worker “safety.”

Gov. Evers provides common sense leadership to the Governor's office, and has been a champion of diversity within his administration. Michels’ “proven leadership” is one of sexual harassment allegations and no diversity. Michels is wrong for Wisconsin — and voters see through his lies. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Michels Corp. does not have Black employees in management positions, according to public documents

union-workersMichels Corp., Wisconsin's largest construction company co-owned by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels, doesn't have any Black people and only two Hispanic people working in leadership positions, according to public documents filed by the company.

Michels Corp. which employs 8,000 people and has received more than $1.1 billion from Wisconsin for construction projects since 2014, also falls slightly below the industry average for hiring Black and brown people.

Nationally, the construction industry is a white-dominated field, with 87.9% white; 32.6% Hispanic and 6.3% Black according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

A statement issued by Michels Corp. said the company is "working hard to increase our diversity and inclusion, throughout our company but also in our ranks of management."

When asked how many non-white employees work in management, the company did not provide an answer, but said as of the end of October, 17.7% of management across the "Michels family of companies" were women or minorities.

tim-michels-gov-mjs"Michels Corporation is proud of the fact that we have employees throughout our management team from multiple diverse communities," a company statement says. "Increasing diversity and inclusion in construction is not just a Michels Corporation issue; it is an industry-wide objective. Nevertheless, as a proud Wisconsin-based company and industry leader, we recognize that it is our responsibility to do all that we can to provide equal opportunity within our employee population."

As governor, Tim Michels would become the state's chief executive, overseeing a sprawling bureaucracy. He would make appointments of judges and cabinet members who made decisions that affect millions of people across the state.

Democrats and a key union ally that helped raise the diversity issue have sought to poke holes in Michels' stewardship of his family-run construction firm to raise doubts about how effectively he would run the state.

Gov. Tony Evers has made 41 judicial appointments since taking office in 2019. Over half of his appointments — 25 have been women and 15 have been people of color.


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