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Trouble in MAGA Land? Michels Campaigns With DeSantis But Not Trump PDF Print E-mail
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Written by DGA Press   
Monday, 31 October 2022 11:46

tim-michelsDonald Trump snubs Wisconsin and Tim Michels as candidate moves to DeSantis.

MADISON - As Donald Trump announces rallies with Republicans across the country, he’s notably left Wisconsin and Tim Michels off the list, an embarrassing snub for Michels, who’s groveled for Trump’s support throughout his campaign.

Michels has, however, campaigned with Trump’s bitter rival Ron DeSantis. As DeSantis neglects his own state to elevate his national profile, he’s dragged Michels into the ongoing feud between the two likely presidential hopefuls.

Meanwhile, major Democratic leaders are rallying behind Gov. Tony Evers and touting his agenda of moving Wisconsin forward over Michels’ plan to drag the state back.

In the last week, former President Barack Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and more big names have campaigned for Gov. Evers, with Obama saying he “is single-handedly keeping Republicans from driving the car off the road.”

Desperately claiming his campaign is “not worried” about former President Obama’s visit, Michels will have to finish the race without his biggest role model Trump behind him.

“As Democratic leaders like former President Barack Obama unite behind Gov. Tony Evers, Tim Michels has heard nothing but crickets from Donald Trump,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisory Christina Amestoy. “Is Trump snubbing Michels because he’s salty about him campaigning with DeSantis? As the MAGA wing of the GOP self implodes, this embarrassing lack of unity shows that Michels is on the rocks in these final weeks.”

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