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AG Kaul Slams Toney’s Plan for Roving Abortion Ban Enforcers PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Kaul for Attorney General Press   
Friday, 21 October 2022 13:54

womens-healthKaul denounces opponent's plan to cross county lines and bring prosecutions under Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban in adjoining jurisdictions.

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, AG Josh Kaul joined Sen. Kelda Roys and Sen. Melissa Sargent to denounce Eric Toney’s plan for new statewide restrictions on abortion by empowering District Attorneys as roving abortion ban enforcers.

Under Eric Toney’s plan, the Legislature would change state statute to authorize District Attorneys to cross county lines and bring prosecutions under Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban in adjoining jurisdictions.

Read three top quotes from AG Josh Kaul at yesterday’s press conference:

josh-kaulAG JOSH KAUL: “You all have seen Eric Toney’s extremism when it comes to reproductive freedom throughout this campaign. But he has really gone a significant step further with his recent comment that he wants to empower District Attorneys to prosecute abortion cases in neighboring counties. […] This speaks to where Eric Toney’s priorities lie. There is no other type of case that Eric Toney has suggested this change for. There is no crime where he has said a DA should be able to go to another county and bring a prosecution. But for abortion prosecutions, he wants that to happen.”

AG JOSH KAUL: “We investigate and prosecute homicides, sexual assaults, drug trafficking cases. He’s not only talking about diverting resources away from those critical crimes to go after people for abortions, but also empowering DAs across the state to become roving abortion ban enforcers. This is really chilling stuff, and it’s going to matter for women who are in health crises.”

AG JOSH KAUL: “One of the things that we’ve heard from Eric Toney throughout this campaign is that he just wants to enforce the law. Well, his suggestion now is that we should change the law. So the story he’s been telling about his commitment to enforcing this abortion ban, he himself has just contradicted himself by acknowledging that he’s seeking to change the law and have it go even further.”

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