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Johnson Stood Against New Bipartisan Law To End Surprise Medical Bills PDF Print E-mail
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Written by WisDems Press, Philip Shulman   
Wednesday, 05 January 2022 09:52

ron-johnsonMADISON, Wis. –  On Saturday, a new law that puts an end to surprise medical billing went into effect, despite Senator Johnson’s efforts to stop the bipartisan effort. If Johnson had his way, instead of seeing lower costs, Wisconsinites who had medical emergencies would still be subject to predatory tactics.

“When it comes to supporting legislation that enriched himself and his biggest donors Senator Ron Johnson led the charge, but on legislation to lower health care costs for Wisconsinites and end surprise medical billing Johnson stood in opposition. Wisconsinites are tired of being sold out by Senator Johnson and are going to remember his opposition to lowering their health care costs in November,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman.

Senator Johnson, who believes access to health care is a “privilege” reserved for those who can “afford” it, has a long record of working to raise health care costs for Wisconsinites and take away access to quality care. Johnson has spent his time in the Senate trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, putting Medicare funding in his cross hairs, and voting against COVID-19 vaccine and test funding.

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