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Assembly Republicans Pass Gerrymander 2.0 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gordon Hintz Press, Rep. 54th Assembly District   
Thursday, 11 November 2021 17:04

assembly-wi-robin-vosVote for another ten years of rigged maps is the epitome of cowardice, says Hintz.

MADISON -- Following the passage of Republicans’ gerrymandered maps, Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement:

gordon_hintz“In 2011, after signing secrecy oaths to hide their partisan machinations from the public, Republicans passed a gerrymandered map to distort the will of the voters and guarantee a deep red legislature despite an overall purple state. Today, in 2021, Assembly Republicans doubled down on their corrupt actions and their past unconstitutional map by voting to lock in their 2011 gerrymander for another decade.

“A functioning democracy putting the people first should be the goal in enacting new maps, and we know that competitive districts - not politically lopsided districts - are necessary for voters to be able hold their elected officials accountable. It is unfortunate but wholly unsurprising that Republicans have prioritized their own partisan advantage by doubling down on their 2011 gerrymander.

“Legislative Republicans’ vote for another ten years of rigged maps is the epitome of cowardice.”

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