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Governor Responds to Republican Leadership on Rescue Plan Money PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 08 May 2021 16:31

high-voltage-lines-farms“Here is my bottom line: our state's economic recovery cannot wait, and Wisconsinites cannot afford for you to play politics.”

MADISON -- Friday, Gov. Tony Evers responded to a letter from Republican leadership asking for a meeting on how he plans to spend the American Rescue Plan funding. Robin Vos and Devin LaMahieu have no plans to meet with the governor in good faith - they’ve already begun completely gutting the governor’s Badger Bounceback budget, and they continue to play political games with Wisconsin’s pandemic recovery.

In his response to Republican leadership, Gov. Evers criticized Republicans for slowing down the state’s recovery with their political stunts, saying “Our state's economic recovery cannot wait, and Wisconsinites cannot afford for you to play politics.”

tony-evers-talksGov. Evers also outlined his spending plan for the American Rescue Plan funds - which includes $600 million for small business recovery and $200 million on broadband and infrastructure. Last week, Republicans attempted to spend the American Rescue Plan funds in ways that would likely not have been permitted under federal law - yet another reason why they can’t be trusted with the state’s pandemic recovery.

Gov. Evers also reminded lawmakers about the opportunity to expand BadgerCare and save $1.6 billion over the next two years, while making coverage more affordable for families across the state. Governor Evers said, “Given your newfound interest in how federal funds should be used in our state, I would welcome the opportunity to meet and would ask that you not only bring your ideas for ARPA funds but a plan to expand BadgerCare and how you propose to spend the $1.6 billion extra funds our state would receive to ensure our economy can bounce back from this pandemic.”

Read Gov. Evers’ full letter here.

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