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Republicans Throw $1.6 Billion to the Wind PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joint Finance Committee Democrats   
Friday, 07 May 2021 10:07

kewaunee-harbor-familyWisconsin will lose out on billions as State Republicans thwart economic recovery by dismantling the Governor’s Bounceback budget.

MADISON – Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee once again defied the wishes of Wisconsinites by dismantling the Governor’s Bounceback budget and obstructing economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Their choice to remove 391 provisions and block BadgerCare expansion not only hinders Wisconsin’s ability to bounce back better from the pandemic, but it will cost our state an additional $1.6 billion in federal funding. Expanding BadgerCare in Wisconsin would generate $635 million in savings to be invested back in the state, would attract more primary care doctors and providers to address shortages in rural areas, and would foster economic growth and financial stability for local economies. Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee released the following statements regarding the committee’s action:

jon-erpenbach2“Republicans ignoring the voices of Wisconsinites feels like déjà vu,” said Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-West Point). “Expanding BadgerCare is the best deal for Wisconsinites and we cannot afford to lose out on an additional $1.6 billion in federal funds. Republicans are making a foolish decision to deny individuals more affordable, quality coverage, lower health insurance premiums and saying no to one billion dollars. This is an embarrassing decision that will cost Wisconsin for decades to come.”

jfcphoto“Our state budget is a reflection of our state’s values. The Joint Finance Committee public hearings made it clear that Governor Evers listened to the people of Wisconsin and truly heard their priorities,” said Sen. LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee). “Yet, Republicans on the Committee seem content with ignoring the will of the people by removing key provisions, like universal background checks, which seek to institute basic gun safety measures to help keep families and communities safe. They cannot ignore an issue that has 80% support, and still claim to faithfully represent the people of Wisconsin.”

“The Republican’s first action on Governor Evers’ budget will reverberate throughout the state,” said Rep. Evan Goyke (D-Milwaukee). “The decision to reject $2.4 Billion in new Federal revenue will negatively impact our investments in public education, our University system, local governments, and beyond. In addition to digging a fiscal hole we will not be able to climb out of, Republicans are rejecting popular, bi-partisan initiatives like juvenile justice reform, strengthening our democracy, and investing in our workforce.”

“Governor Evers listened to the people of Wisconsin when creating this budget, and once again Republicans are choosing politics over the people of our state,” said Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine). “People in every community showed up throughout this budget process and they asked for a budget that invests in their health and wellbeing, in our environment and in increasing equity. The Governor’s budget addresses every part of our wellbeing as a state, so we can bounce back better. Decisions made by the Republican majority today put this recovery at risk.”

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