Russ for Wisconsin Launches New TV Ad - “Studying” Print
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Written by Russ for Wisconsin   
Monday, 11 July 2016 09:40

russ-feingold-studentsFeatures Russ Feingold’s Plan to Make College Affordable for Wisconsin Students, and Highlights Sen. Johnson’s Opposition to Commonsense Proposals To Ease Student Debt Burden.

MIDDLETON, WI - Today, Russ for Wisconsin launched a new TV ad titled “Studying.” The 30-second ad runs statewide and highlights Russ’s commitment to making higher education affordable for Wisconsin’s middle class and working families.

The ad features Wisconsin students responding to Sen. Johnson’s record of keeping interest rates high for student loans, his opposition to all federal student loans, his assertion that student loans are “free money,” and his out of touch claim that students only attend college just to have “fun.”

WATCH the ad here or below.

Uploaded on Jul 10, 2016

While traveling to all 72 of Wisconsin’s counties, Russ has consistently heard that one of the biggest barriers facing middle class and working families is the cost of higher education. Russ believes that in order for all Wisconsinites to succeed, we need a workforce prepared to compete in the global economy -- and that starts with making higher education more affordable. That’s why he supports allowing students to refinance their student loan debt.

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