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Written by Karl Jaeger, Jaeger For Wisconsin   
Thursday, 25 June 2020 09:53

trump-protestersMarinette County Supervisor and Assembly Candidate says Trump is using our state as a political football.

MARINETTE, WI - I am saddened to see President Trump coming to take a victory lap in my backyard just months before Election Day because it’s clear he only cares about us now that November is just around the corner.

karl-jaegerHe didn’t care about all the workers across Wisconsin whose jobs were lost due to his botched COVID19 response. He still doesn’t care about the families he harmed with his actions, who are still trying to figure out how to pay for their healthcare, their rent, and the food they need to put on their tables.

As many of you know, Marinette is the site of one of the largest PFAS contamination disasters in the Country and the Trump administration has fought against legislation that would regulate those cancer-causing PFAS compounds and protect the drinking water of the citizens of Marinette County.

He is using our state as a political football. He sees us as expendable—just another group he can exploit for his own gain.

That is part of why I am running for Assembly. The Republicans in our Legislature have become an extension of the Trump Administration. They don’t do what’s best for their constituents, only what they think will serve Robin Vos and their special interest donors.

Leadership, whether it’s coming from the White House or the State Legislature, is failing Wisconsin.

To get things back on course—to save our economy, to revive our families, and to bring our state back to prominence—we need to restore real leadership from top to bottom.

Wisconsin stands for honesty, fairness, and hard work and Joe Biden embodies those values. We need Mr. Biden to show us what a real president looks like—what it means to have someone who cares for and believes in Wisconsinites and the American people. And we need this at every level to make sure we have a State Legislature that will work with Governor Evers to do what’s best for our people and our state—not what’s best for Big Business special interests. It’s what every Wisconsinite deserves.


About Karl: Karl is a long-time resident of Assembly District 89 and an elected Supervisor on the Marinette County Board. He is in this race because he believes in standing up for his neighbors. We have seen the consequences of Big Business representing us in Madison, and it’s time for the people of Wisconsin to have their voices heard. Karl will put people first and represent the citizens of WI.

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