Lieck Likes Sheila Briggs for WI State Superintendent Print
Written by Lindsey Lieck, Rhinelander   
Monday, 08 February 2021 10:05

school-bus-kidsRhinelander, WI - I am supporting Sheila Briggs for WI State Superintendent because she has plentiful experience at various levels of 4K-12 education. Throughout her career, she has taken up the challenge of working with equity in the forefront often in an environment that is resistant to change.

sheila-briggsSheila helped develop Wisconsin's Educator Effectiveness program that I, as a teacher in Tennessee, am jealous of. I’m evaluated off of a standardized rubric and student test scores including students I don’t even teach. I wish I were evaluated by a program, like Wisconsin’s, that treats educators as professionals.

Furthermore, Sheila’s skills and humility will enable her to continue connecting and growing leaders amongst WI’s students and educators in her work to support all students, their families, and communities across the state.

As a teacher’s kid, I swore I would never be a teacher myself. I was dismayed by the realities of a system that seemed to work for so few. After two summers working on Sheila’s teams at the Department of Public Instruction, I have hope for the future of education. Wisconsin deserves a State Superintendent, like Sheila Briggs, that is flexible, practical, and an unapologetic champion for social justice. Join me in supporting Sheila on February 16th.

Lindsey Lieck, Rhinelander

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