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Written by Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Ryan Billingham   
Friday, 27 November 2020 11:01

wind-farm-wi-wprBrown County is sending very mixed messages on this resolution as currently written. WCV is advising citizens and supervisors to the oppose the resolution at it's Jan. 13 Board meeting.

GREEN BAY – Wisconsin Conservation Voters has been working alongside Brown County Supervisors to adopt a resolution to support greater use of clean energy in Brown County. However, edits that were made to the resolution in September make it impossible for Wisconsin Conservation Voters to support the resolution in its current form.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters, RENEW Wisconsin, and Clean Wisconsin have all opposed edits made to the resolution which incorrectly define natural gas as clean energy despite it having a carbon footprint, as well as a clause discouraging any future wind generation facilities within the entire county.

natural-gas-well-nyt“Brown County is sending a very mixed message with the way this resolution is written currently,” said Casey Hicks, northeast organizer. “No other local government in Wisconsin has made a commitment to invest in clean energy while actively discouraging one form of it – and then incorrectly define natural gas as clean energy. This would make Brown County an outlier in the state.”

The State of Wisconsin already has an extensive list of regulations set by the Public Service Commission and legislature outlining the process to plan, develop, and maintain wind energy generation facilities. These regulations set standards and processes for local government to use for determining setbacks for turbines, utilizing public input, and to protect public health.

Natural gas is also not defined as clean energy by the U.S. Energy Information Administration or U.S. Department of Energy, because it emits carbon dioxide when burned and contains methane. Methane has been found to trap heat by a factor of 80 to 90 more times than carbon dioxide.

The board is expected to discuss the resolution at the Jan. 13 County Board meeting. Wisconsin Conservation Voters is advising citizens and supervisors to the oppose the resolution as it’s currently written if revisions are not made.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters has partnered with local governments to implement clean energy policies since 2018. It began with creating a Sustainability Commission for the City of Green Bay and assisting Green Bay Area Public School District’s Board of Education with writing its own 100 percent clean energy resolution.

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