scott-walker-signs-voterid“Corporations. Go heavy after them to give. Take Koch’s money. Get on a plane to Vegas and sit down with Sheldon Adelson. Ask for $1m now.” - The Guardian, September 14

MIDDLETON, WI - Nobody benefitted more from Citizens United than the Koch brothers and two Wisconsin Republicans: Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson.

ron-johnsonThis we‌ek, a story published in The Guardian showed just how deep the corruption goes. The story cites multiple instances of pay-for-play governing, straight from Scott Walker's desk. Billionaires and corporations cut checks to dark money groups supporting Republicans, then Governor Walker turned around and pushed for legislation that'd make life easier for these billionaires and their businesses.

After the Supreme Court's lawless Citizens United decision, the Koch brothers set their sights on Wisconsin. The tea party wave in 20‌10 helped them scoop up the governor's mansion, their "model legislator" in Ron Johnson, and a state legislature ready to do their bidding. Through the offices of Scott Walker and Ron Johnson, they've attacked the rights of just about everyone in Wisconsin: public sector employees, women, students, people of color, and many more. They've even attacked the right to vote.

The Kochs chose Wisconsin as their battleground for a reason: We have a long history of progressivism, clean elections, and clean government. They knew that if they could buy politicians here, they could do it anywhere.

Since 2010, the Koch brothers have spent over $4‌4 million in Wisconsin to buy elections for Republicans who'd rig the political system in their favor. Governor Walker and my opponent, Senator Johnson, have repeatedly shown that they'll always side with their billionaire backers over the Wisconsinites they were elected to serve.

But come Nov‌ember, that's going to change. If we work together, we can win this election -- and that's just the beginning. We're going to take our democracy out of the hands of corporations, multimillionaires, and special interest groups and put it where it belongs: Back in the hands of the people.