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Patty Schachtner, State Senator 10th District

State Senator Patty Schachtner represents Wisconsin’s tenth senate district. The district covers parts of Burnett, Dunn, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix counties. She serves as the chief medical examiner for St. Croix County and has investigated deaths by suicide. She is a gun owner and practices safe gun storage methods.

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  • Clean Water a Deliberate Policy Choice

    State Senator Patty Schachtner examines clean drinking water and it's effect upon healthy communities, our economy, and our Wisconsin way of life. MADISON - In past years, the safety of our drinking water has come to the forefront of Wisconsin’s political landscape. Extensive studies have shown not only the scale, but the drastic health cons ...
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  • Happy Birthday, Medicare and Medicaid!

    Northwestern Wisconsin's new Senator Patty Schachtner talks about these crucial health care coverage programs and how we need to expand access to them. SOMERSET, WI - Medicare and Medicaid will celebrate their 53rd birthday on July 30. Since the programs’ inception, millions of elderly, low-income, and disabled Americans have benefited from cruc ...
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  • Suicide: A Tale of Access

    Ease of access to firearms contributes to suicide risk, as does lack of access to mental health resources in many communities. We can reduce the suicide rate, but we must recognize it is an epidemic driven in part by systemic, policy decisions. SOMERSET, WI - Suicide has touched communities across the nation. The deaths of Kate Spade and Anthon ...
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Mandela Barnes, Lt. Governor

Mandela Barnes, Lt. Governor has not set their biography yet

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  • What COVID-19 has revealed

    Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes shares his thoughts on the pandemic. MADISON - As we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications, I would like to share my thoughts on what this crisis has revealed about our state and nation. First, this crisis has exposed a glaring inequality that exists in our society. It begs the question: Wh ...
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Calab Frostman, State Senator District 1

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Andy Gronik, Former Candidate for Wisconsin Governor

Andy Gronik, Former Candidate for Wisconsin Governor has not set their biography yet

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  • Gronik Supports Supreme Court Balance of Power Candidate

    Former Candidate for Governor Andy Gronik urges all his friends and supporters to help Judge Lisa Neubauer become our next Supreme Court Justice. MILWAUKEE - When things get out of balance they tend not to work as well, or not at all.  That’s why the framers of our constitution imagined a system where powers would be balanced between ...
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  • Andy Gronik Supports Local Candidates

    Avoid Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel's sleight-of-hand politics. Gabriel Gomez, Shyla Deacon, Julie Henszey, Kriss Marion, Dan Kohl and Erica Flynn want to get back to representing YOU. MILWAUKEE, WI - The political season is in full on misdirection with Governor Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel competing to b ...
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Randall Schumann, Madison

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  • Coronavirus Outbreak Demonstrates Need For Universal Health Care

    Madison man says the worldwide coronavirus outbreak should be a wake-up call to all Americans, regardless of their politics, that they are vulnerable to the disastrous health and financial devastation of the current "Trump/ GOP No Health Care" position. MADISON - The worldwide coronavirus outbreak is a wake-up call to all Americans about the nee ...
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  • Americans Cannot Allow a King or an Emperor to be in the White House

    When America consisted of 13 colonies 244 years ago, the colonists enacted a Declaration of Independence and forcibly in a war, got rid of America's first "King" -- England's King George III. MADISON, WI - In the 3 years since Donald Trump has been President, he has continually violated his Oath of Office to "uphold the Constitution" which estab ...
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