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Calab Frostman, State Senator District 1

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Andy Gronik, Former Candidate for Wisconsin Governor

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  • Gronik Supports Supreme Court Balance of Power Candidate

    Former Candidate for Governor Andy Gronik urges all his friends and supporters to help Judge Lisa Neubauer become our next Supreme Court Justice. MILWAUKEE - When things get out of balance they tend not to work as well, or not at all.  That’s why the framers of our constitution imagined a system where powers would be balanced between ...
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  • Andy Gronik Supports Local Candidates

    Avoid Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel's sleight-of-hand politics. Gabriel Gomez, Shyla Deacon, Julie Henszey, Kriss Marion, Dan Kohl and Erica Flynn want to get back to representing YOU. MILWAUKEE, WI - The political season is in full on misdirection with Governor Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel competing to b ...
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Ed Wall

Ed Wall was a 32-year career public safety professional who served as the Administrator of Wisconsin Emergency Management and Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. In August 2018, he released his book Unethical; Life in Scott Walker’s Cabinet and the Dirty $ide of Politics.

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  • Ed Wall: Scott Walker Lacks Ethics

    Former Walker Cabinet insider reveals how the Governor’s lack of ethics and continued efforts to conceal the operations of government from public view stopped him and others from providing the best, cost effective services to Wisconsin's citizens. MADISON - In Wisconsin, a litany of stubborn facts is helping define the race for governor between ...
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  • Healthcare: Surprise! It’s a Bill!

    Surprise medical billing incidents occur often, and cause major problems for many of us who live within ordinary means. Sen. Smith hopes to establish a meaningful solution. MADISON - Last week, Governor Tony Evers assigned homework for the Legislature to accomplish in the new year. Governor Evers urged bipartisan cooperation to tackle some of th ...
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  • Good Government Demands Redistricting Reform

    Sen. Smith writes about measures we can take for fair maps in Wisconsin, including the passage of Senate Bill 288/Assembly Bill 303 and the constitutional amendment he recently introduced. MADISON, WI - Every new year is an opportunity to reflect on what we can do better moving forward. When the New Year is the first of a new decade we think eve ...
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  • Let's Finish What We Started

    Sen. Smith writes about issues to prioritize going forward, including Medicaid expansion and gun safety reform. In 2019, we saw a glimpse of what compromise looks like and he's hopeful we can all come to the table to finish what we started. BRUNSWICK, WI - During this time of year, we’re surrounded by reminders to set goals for the next twelve m ...
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  • Every Conversation Sparks a New Idea

    This week’s column describes how the discussions in western Wisconsin help Sen. Smith craft new legislation to help all of the state. This is the second of three columns detailing reflections from 2019 and what the Senator is looking forward to in 2020. BRUNSWICK, WI - The past year pushed me to learn and grow as a leader. As I spent time with m ...
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  • Senator Jeff Smith: Lessons Learned in 2019

    The Senator from western Wisconsin shares lessons learned in 2019 and his hope for cooperative shared government. He’ll be writing about 2019 reflections and his hopes for 2020 for the next three weeks. BRUNSWICK, WI - This time of year offers an important opportunity to reflect and be grateful for the experiences we’ve earned. It’s been an hono ...
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Jan Koch, Shawano

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  • Bold Plans Needed to Save Our Planet

    Climate change is real and increasingly a part of our daily lives. Change won’t take place overnight, but some common-sense steps can be taken immediately. SHAWANO, WI - God created a world in which everything was in perfect harmony. The land and its plants and animals were a part of an ecosystem that worked beautifully. Man should be able to ...
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