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Matt Rothschild, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Matt Rothschild is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a non-partisan nonprofit political watchdog group now in it's third decade of working for clean, open and honest government and reforms that make people matter more than money in politics.
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 203 South Paterson Street, Suite 100, Madison, WI 53703-3689, 608-255-4260

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  • Democracy Campaign: Evers Bows to WMC

    Progressive critiques Governor, Republicans, gun laws, and the NRA. MADISON - When I saw that Gov. Evers was speaking to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, I decided to take a look at his talk. And I was horrified to find out that he complimented WMC, which has done so much damage to our state over the last nine years. Here’s my critiqu ...
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  • Democracy Campaign: Foresight of Justice Stevens

    MADISON - I was sad when I heard the news that Justice John Paul Stevens had died. I was sad for personal reasons, since Justice Stevens and my father practiced law together in Chicago for many years and were very close. And I was sad for political reasons, since Justice Stevens, when he was on the Court and afterwards, used his calm and logica ...
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  • Waupaca County Joins Effort to Ban Gerrymandering

    Pressure grows Statewide for referendums, as 72 percent of Wisconsinites want to ban gerrymandering, including 63 percent of Republicans and 76 percent of Independents. MADISON - On April 16 the Waupaca County board became the 46th county board to pass a resolution urging our state legislators to ban gerrymandering in Wisconsin and to adopt nonp ...
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  • Sen. Larson Leads on Campaign Finance Reform

    Sen. Larson’s bills would limit the role of the super wealthy and corporations, and bring some more transparency to our politics. MADISON - Sen. Chris Larson, Democrat from Milwaukee, is taking the lead in the Wisconsin State Senate on the urgent issue of campaign finance reform. He is introducing what he calls the “2019-2020 Campaign Integrity ...
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  • Wis Democracy Campaign "Kochs, WMC Behind Bills"

    MADISON - Over the last couple weeks, the influence of the Koch Brothers and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) has been on display, if you were looking. And we were looking! First, we discovered that two senior officials at the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity suddenly resigned to do campaign work for Michael Screnock, the Walker a ...
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Dana Wachs, State Rep. 91st Assembly

Dana Wachs (D-Eau Claire) has not set their biography yet

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Jennifer Shilling, State Senator 32nd District

Jennifer Shilling serves as the Senate Democratic Leader and represents the 32nd District which covers La Crosse, Vernon, Crawford and parts of Monroe County.

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  • Wall Resignation Doesn't Erase Walker Cover Up

    MADISON – On Friday, Gov. Scott Walker’s Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Wall resigned as the investigation of potential abuse of youth at the Copper Lake and Lincoln Hills schools moves on to the FBI. I am appalled by the latest revelations of child abuse and sexual assault that occurred in Gov. Walker’s Department of Corrections. Sec ...
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  • State of the State - 'we need solutions, not sound bites'

    MADISON – Over the last five years, we’ve seen deep cuts that have limited economic growth, stifled innovation and denied thousands of families the opportunity to get ahead. Democrats continue to believe that the best way to move our state forward is by restoring investments in our schools, infrastructure and worker training programs.  Whe ...
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  • Open, clean government is good for everyone in Wisconsin

    Sen. Jennifer Shilling talks about Wisconsin’s historical bipartisan commitment to laws that protect citizen access, prevent political corruption and maintain high ethical standards in our government. In recent weeks, Republicans who control the State Legislature in Madison are pushing a package of bills that may bring this commitment to an end. ...
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  • Badger Blueprint Focuses on Growth, Innovation and Opportunity

    MADISON - As the days get shorter and the leaves change colors, my Senate Democratic colleagues and I continue to visit with Wisconsin residents of all ages about the challenges facing our state.  From Bayfield to Beloit, Milwaukee to La Crosse and the hundreds of communities in between – one message has been consistent: Wisconsinites wa ...
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  • Back to School Provides Some Food for Thought

    LA CROSSE, WI - With the ringing of school bells and the roar of high school football games, students across Wisconsin are heading back to class. But in many classrooms, the start of school is also marked by the rumbling of empty stomachs. Amid all of the headlines about state budget cuts and teacher shortages, many schools are struggling to deal ...
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Chris Taylor, State Rep. 76th Assembly

Chris Taylor, State Rep. 76th Assembly has not set their biography yet

Recent Posts

  • Rep. Chris Taylor's Capitol Update 7-13-2015

    MADISON - I hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July!  Summer is in full swing and if you're like our family, you've been outside as much as possible, taking advantage of these warm, sunny days. Budget Update While many were out enjoying the 4th of July holiday week, we wrapped up budget deliberations in the Joint Finance Co ...
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  • Rep. Chris Taylor's Capitol Update 6-12-2015

    MADISON - While the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) did not meet this week to finish working on Governor Walker's 2015-17 state budget, both the Assembly and Senate were in session on Tuesday.  Below you will find a summary of our legislative action. It is expected that JFC will reconvene next week to take up the outstanding stat ...
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  • April 9 Update From DPW Chair

    Spring elections success, Joint Committee on Finance's (JFC) public hearings, Democratic radio on Privatizing Public Waters, 2017 State Convention, and more... MADISON - Welcome to the latest installment of my chair update. Spring Election Success Many thanks to all who knocked doors, made phone calls and, of course, cast ballots in last wee ...
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  • Update from DPW Chair, Martha Laning April 2

    Vote April 4, Republican Extremism Reaches A New Low, Wisconsin Budget Process, and more... MADISON - Welcome to the latest installment of my chair update. Make A Plan To Vote For Tony Evers For State Superintendent In Tuesday's Spring Election If you haven't already, it's time to make a plan to vote in one of the most important r ...
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  • February 19 Update From The DPW Chair

    Vote Tony Evers for Superintendent on Tuesday, Feb. 21st, how Trump puts National Security at risk, Democratic National Committee Chair Elections, Day Without Immigrants, Ron Kind’s Education Plan, and Things You May Have Missed. MADISON - Welcome to the latest installment of my chair update. Remember to Vote Tony Evers for Superintendent on Tu ...
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  • DPW Chair Martha Laning "This Election"

    Democratic Party Chair Laning disappointed by last night's results, but now it is time to come together to move our state and our nation forward. MADISON - After last night's elections, I have some thoughts I want to share with you. Like so many of you, I am disappointed by last night's results. However, while these were not the results we hope ...
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  • Update from DPW Chair Martha Laning

    MADISON - This week I'll highlight Hillary Clinton's clear win at the debate, a number of great speakers who came to the state, the last 27 days of this election season, Donald Trump's horrid comments, a new Russ Feingold ad, a number of our great candidates, Tammy Baldwin's fight against the opioid crisis, and the first place winner from our video ...
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