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Gordon Hintz, Rep. 54th Assembly District

Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh), State Representative 54th Assembly District, is a member of the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget committee, the Joint Committee on Finance.

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  • Revenue Collections Could Indicate More Budget Trouble

    With state revenue growth flat, Gov. Walker is trying to spend his way out of problems he created to distract voters and provide massive giveaways to the wealthy. Real state revenue growth under the Walker/Trump tandem may make this budget proposal unrealistic. MADISON - Last week, the Department of Revenue (DOR) released the monthly revenue col ...
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  • Republican Agenda in Madison Full of Misguided Priorities

    MADISON - In August, the Marquette University Law School poll showed 60 percent of voters in Wisconsin think Governor Walker "doesn't care about people like them”. Based on the current Republican Legislature’s priorities, it is not hard to understand why. The Legislature’s focus should always reflect challenges facing the people of our state. Bas ...
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Nate Myszka

Nate Myszka has not set their biography yet

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  • More Facts Needed about Seniors and Obamacare

    There are lots of rumors about Obamacare. Many are aimed at scaring seniors, and it’s election time so we’re hearing even more. So what’s true? Will “unelected bureaucrats” at the Independent Patient Advisory Board (IPAB) “ration” my care? No – Politifact, a Pulitzer Prize winning fact-checker, says “The IPAB is forbidden from submitting ‘any reco ...
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Rich Langan

Rich Langan is a member of the Democratic Party of Brown County and a former elected official.

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  • Taxpayer Asks Walker If It Was Worth It

    GREEN BAY - I got my property tax bill yesterday. I saved $30 over last year. Gov. Walker you have trampled the rights of every state employee, you have demonized and demoralize teachers, you have increased class sizes, you have destroyed collective bargaining, you continue battling Affordable Health Care, you have destroyed the right to protest yo ...
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Eric Genrich, State Rep. District 90

Eric Genrich, (D-Green Bay) is currently serving as State Assembly Representative for the 90th District.

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  • Budget Thoughts

    MADISON - As I left the state capitol yesterday evening, I was thinking about how much I love my job: the service to my constituents, the participation in the legislative process, the great honor it is to work in the people’s house. At the same time, though, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of deep sadness for the substance of Governor Walker’s ...
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  • Two Cheers for "Blue Jeans in High Places"

    GREEN BAY - Mike McCabe, author of Blue Jeans in High Places, asks the readers of his debut book in a sartorial call to action, to grab their boots and blue jeans, roll up their shirtsleeves, and take back our democracy. I can’t argue with the ends to which McCabe is striving, but I do have a few critical observations about the path he recommends. ...
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Laura Kiefert, Green Bay Progressive

Laura Kiefert lives in Howard and is a Partner in the Green Bay Progressive. Members of FaceBook can follow her at My Truth and Anti-Alternative Facts , @mytruthandantialternativefacts.

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  • Next President Should Not Hide Behind Justice Department Policy

    We need the Congress to specifically state in law what many of us have always taken for granted - that no one, including the President of the United States, is above the law. GREEN BAY, WI - Like many patriotic Americans, I believe that no one is above the law, not even the President. However, with the rampant corruption and pending impeachment ...
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  • You Really Believe That?!?

    Our Laura Kiefert introduces her new blog with a piece about the crazy things you’ll hear if you actually talk to one of the Trump believers who hang out at our senior centers and listen only to Fox "News". GREEN BAY, WI - There’s a person who has played an important role in my life whose beliefs regarding politics and religion differ from my ow ...
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  • Nation hurt by good people failing to oppose Trump

    Her greatest disillusionment isn’t Trump, it's that too many people are largely fine with all of the vicious, toxic filth and are not outraged or uncomfortable enough to take action or speak out. GREEN BAY - Happy New Year to every person who didn’t vote for Donald Trump or who no longer supports him. Although I’m trying to look forward to the c ...
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  • Lawmakers need to listen to the will of the people

    HOWARD - On Nov. 6, voters in 16 Wisconsin counties held advisory referendums on marijuana asking voters if they supported some sort of legalization. The majority of voters — 3 out of 4 — expressed overwhelming support, leaving many wondering what’s going to happen now the issue is in the hands of our state representatives. Unfortunately, in many ...
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  • Laura Kiefert: End false political advertising

    The worst are funded by political action committees like Restoration PAC and Americas PAC, along with out-of-state special interest Koch brothers groups. We need to support campaign finance regulations that ensure truth. GREEN BAY, WI - Once again, we are being bombarded with negative political ads, often filled with half-truths and outright lie ...
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