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John Humphries' School Privatization Plot Thickens PDF Print E-mail
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Friday, 27 January 2017 11:54

john-humphriesState Superintendent candidate Humphries took his privatization crusade further Thursday, announcing details to shift more resources to unaccountable private voucher schools and convert public neighborhood schools to them.

MADISON - A strong public education system is key to opening the doors of opportunity for millions of Wisconsinites. But right-wing State Superintendent candidate John Humphries is deadset on privatizing Wisconsin public schools and leaving students, parents, and educators behind.

martha-laning-answerHumphries first rolled out a new report card system that gave most schools in Wisconsin an 'F' in academics, including his own Dodgeville School District where Humphries spent the last five years as an administrator. Today, Humphries took his privatization crusade a step further, announcing details to shift more resources to unaccountable private voucher schools and outlining his plan to convert public neighborhood schools to private voucher schools.

"For decades, Wisconsin's economy and its residents benefited from a strong public education system based on excellent educators, motivated parents, and communities working together to provide our children with the preparation they need to be successful in life," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said on Thursday. "John Humphries doesn't understand that and instead he is doing the bidding of wealthy right-wing special interests who seek to make millions on the backs of young Wisconsinites."

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Evers Wants More Mental Resources Directed To Our Students PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tony Evers for State Superintendent, Amanda Brink   
Saturday, 07 January 2017 12:18

tony_eversWe need a full-time, dedicated person, not a part-time consultant, whose concern is the kids says State Superintendent.

john-humphriesMADISON - In Wisconsin, January 5, 2017 news reports showed State Superintendent candidate John Humphries had resigned from his full-time position; however, on the same day, he received a $650/day contract as a consultant by the same district. The school district approved his resignation and hired his consulting company in the same December 12th meeting.

Humphries is listed on the district’s website as the Director of Pupil Services/School Psychologist.

“Our concern is for the kids in the school district," said Tony Evers' campaign manager, Amanda Brink. "They need a full-time, dedicated person, not a part-time consultant. Now more than ever, we need to make a concerted effort to put every dollar we can afford into the resources our kids need to excel. In talking with school leaders across Wisconsin who faced these tragedies first hand, Tony has heard clearly that our frontline staff need more support and resources to address mental health and substance abuse issues."

Recently Tony Evers requested $6 million in additional funds to expand mental health services for students across Wisconsin. Tony Evers proposal includes $3 million that would help schools hire more social workers.”

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Rick Melcher Ready for Change in State Superintendent Race PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melcher for State Superintendent   
Friday, 09 December 2016 11:47

Rick MelcherMelcher says he is the only candidate who will strengthen the heart of our communities by building relationships to ensure our shared values about education are represented in Madison.

MADISON - Rick Melcher is unique among the candidates for Wisconsin’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction. A dedicated, committed educator who has worked in both rural and urban communities for 25 years, Rick knows that education is not a partisan issue, it is a moral issue. Rick stands in stark contrast to his political establishment opponents who have clear partisan ties and ideological agendas they will impose on Wisconsin schools.

Rick will travel the state to listen to people and their ideas, hopes, dreams, and concerns about their local schools. “When I am your State Superintendent, we will provide for engaged support of local schools and those who are closest to the students. Communities should be listened to and empowered to do what is needed for the unique needs of students.” His campaign is the first step to restore Wisconsin’s role as a leader in educating for everyone’s future prosperity – not just a select few.

“We must get partisan politics out of schools,” Melcher said. “Education happens in the classroom, and it’s about relationships - relationships among students, teachers, parents and communities. The best ideas for improving education will grow out of those relationships. They don’t come from think tanks and political parties. Partisan power grabs by establishment politicians are destroying community schools in Wisconsin.”

“My campaign is focused on the values we teach our kids regarding our local schools. If one child in Wisconsin is denied educational opportunities, or is unable to pursue their dreams because of partisan politics, we are failing in our responsibility to them and the future. As your State Superintendent, I will:

  • actively engage communities to protect our investment in public education, and empower our future citizens through public education.”

  • ensure that we live up to our responsibility for the future and our community schools – where our children learn what is necessary to be citizens in a democracy”

  • actively engage communities to protect our public schools from greedy political self-interests, and ensure that our shared community values about public education are represented in our state government.”

Wisconsin is a place where we always look out for each other in our families and communities. We live by the Golden Rule, to care for others as ourselves. My campaign is about ensuring that idea is alive and well in local schools all across Wisconsin.

Successful School, Successful Communities”

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