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Nicholson Should Cut Ties With Roy Moore Funder, Return Money PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brad Bainum   
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 18:12

richard-uihleinRoy Moore backer Dick Uihlein has bankrolled Kevin Nicholson's campaign and outside groups with more than $15 million; and Uihlein-funded Club for Growth has brought in more than 28% of Nicholson's fundraising to-date.

MADISON -- The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today called on GOP Senate candidate and out-of-state billionaire puppet Kevin Nicholson to immediately cut ties with and reject the financial backing of his most prolific megadonor, Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein, who has poured millions into supporting Nicholson's campaign and funding the numerous out-of-state special interest groups boosting his candidacy, while also secretly funding bigot and alleged sexual predator Roy Moore's Senate run in Alabama.

roy-mooreMoore stands accused of sexual assault and harassment by numerous, credible women who have bravely come forward to say that Moore pursued relationships with them when he was an adult and they were in their young teens. The allegations against Moore are so damning that twenty-five Republican Senators have now disavowed Moore's candidacy. Nevertheless, Uihlein has continued to support and finance Moore's super PAC, while Nicholson continues to tout Uihlein’s support and “friendship” on the campaign trail.

Uihlein has to-date funded at least seven Nicholson-supporting organizations with $15 million, and he is the sole funder of Solutions for Wisconsin, a pro-Nicholson super PAC to which Uihlein has to-date donated at least $3.5 million. Just yesterday, it was announced that two key Nicholson campaign aides are transitioning to the Uihlein-funded Solutions for Wisconsin.

Nicholson, for his part, continues to praise Uihlein on the campaign trail. Earlier this month, he called Uihlein and Uihlein-funded corporate special interest group Club for Growth (which bundled over 28% of Nicholson's Q3 fundraising) "the kind of friends you want." And in March of this year, Nicholson gushed that he was "honored and humbled" to have Uihlein's support (and that of his super PAC Solutions for Wisconsin).

“Wisconsinites don’t want any “solutions” that involve an out-of-state billionaire-controlled candidate like Kevin Nicholson who has decided to accept Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein’s support and millions and align himself with Roy Moore and his values,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning. “Kevin Nicholson needs to tell Wisconsinites why he's accepting millions from Roy Moore’s biggest financial supporter and turning his back on Wisconsin values."

Kevin Nicholson's Top Backer Bankrolling Roy Moore PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brad Bainum   
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 10:48

roy-mooreIllinois billionaire Dick Uihlein has given $100,000 in support of Moore -- and over $15 million to 7 groups supporting Kevin Nicholson. Nicholson's campaign is currently running ads promoting his support from another prolific Roy Moore defender, Steve Bannon.

MADISON -- A new bombshell report from The Daily Beast reveals that out-of-state billionaire puppet Kevin Nicholson's biggest backer, Illinois CEO Dick Uihlein, has similarly been secretly bankrolling Alabama Senate candidate and alleged serial sexual predator Roy Moore. 

kevin-nicholsonA billionaire from Illinois, Uihlein has to-date deployed at least $15 million across 7 groups that have lined up to support Kevin Nicholson's candidacy. Uihlein has invested over $3.5 million alone in Solutions for Wisconsin, a group solely dedicated to electing Nicholson.

Brad Bainum, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race, issued the following statement on the latest high-profile Kevin Nicholson supporter backing Roy Moore:

"The same out-of-state billionaire who's funneling money into alleged serial sexual predator Roy Moore's candidacy in Alabama is also pouring millions into buying Kevin Nicholson a U.S. Senate seat here in Wisconsin. Wisconsinites should be concerned that Nicholson is in joint company with Roy Moore. And they should be worried that Kevin Nicholson is totally controlled by an out-of-state billionaire backer who's only qualification for picking candidates to bankroll is that they promise to help him get rich at the expense of working families.

"We also now know why Kevin Nicholson waited so long to only half-heartedly distance himself from Roy Moore: it wasn't just Nicholson's out-of-state boss Steve Bannon pressuring him to support Moore -- Nicholson's top backer, Illinois CEO Dick Uihlein, is funding Moore's candidacy, too."

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 November 2017 17:56
Gov. Walker Joins Event with Right-Wing Extremists PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Melanie Conklin   
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 10:21

scott-walkerWisconsin Governor to be featured at Turning Point USA at its Student Action Summit in December.

MADISON -- Gov. Scott Walker is a confirmed speaker for the controversial, far-right group Turning Point USA at its Student Action Summit in December, alongside noted conspiracy theorists, fake news propagators and white supremacists.

Walker, who has spent much of his second term neglecting Wisconsin while making a bid for the national conservative spotlight, will be appearing alongside a controversial slate of speakers that has been announced to include Steve Bannon, Sebastian GorkaDinesh D’Souza, Joe Walsh and Donald Trump Jr.

The following is a statement from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning on his choice to be featured at this controversial event taking place in Florida next month, Dec. 19 - 22.

martha-laning“It is shocking to most Wisconsinites how much time Gov. Scott Walker spends outside of our state promoting people and groups whose values are in direct conflict with everything Wisconsin stands for: fairness, opportunity, community and responsibility.

"Instead of addressing Wisconsin’s needs, Walker is raising money and rallying Tea Party crowds, sharing events with white supremacists, advocates of political violence, fake-news conspiracy theorists and ring-wing extremists. Walker should be honest about his role at these national events because it is a far cry from the act he puts on in his carefully orchestrated, invitation-only Wisconsin appearances."

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