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News from the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by League Women Voters WI, Andrea Kaminski   
Monday, 30 October 2017 16:39

wisc-supremecourt-justicesMADISON - The League educates voters on need for judicial recusal rules and fair voting maps.

Judicial Recusal
The League co-sponsored a series of three public hearings organized by our friends at Common Cause in Wisconsin to explore the need for objective rules requiring a judge to recuse her/himself if a party in a case has been a major campaign supporter. The state Supreme Court earlier this year refused to hold a hearing for a proposal put forth by a group of 56 retired judges to create such rules. Common Cause held the hearings in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison to give people a chance to learn about the proposal. The League co-sponsored the forums, in part, because we proposed similar rules in 2009. Wisconsin is one of three states that do not have such rules. Click here to view the Madison hearing, in which the League's Andrea Kaminski was a panelist.

wi-dist-mapsFair Voting Maps
Almost every local League in the state has held a public forum in the past two years to educate voters about the need for a nonpartisan redistricting process designed to create fair voting maps for Wisconsin. Here is great news coverage of forums held just this week in Janesville and La Crosse:

Congratulations and thanks go to LWV Greater Green Bay and Citizen Action Northeast Wisconsin for their advocacy leading to a resolution by the Brown County Board of Supervisors calling on the state legislature to pass nonpartisan redistricting reform. Brown is the 31st county to pass the resolution!

Legislative Floor Session Coming Up
Stay tuned. The state legislature will hold floor sessions October 31-November 9. The League will be watching for bills we have taken a position on, and we'll let you know when your call or email to your legislators will be needed!

Senate Republicans Attack Women's Health Across Wisconsin PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Melanie Conklin   
Sunday, 29 October 2017 15:45

women-health-servicesGOP ideological attack on the UW and women’s health care may hurt most in rural areas where there are already few OB-GYNs. Anti-choice extremist U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir is a sponsor.

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Senate Health and Human Services Committee is voting today on SB 154/AB 206, a bill that would do even further damage to women’s health care in Wisconsin by worsening the already troubling shortage of OB-GYNs. In Wisconsin, a shocking 20 counties do not have an OB-GYN, according to the American Medical Society.

With this bill, Republicans have shown their dangerous willingness to damage not only women’s health, but also Wisconsin’s strong and proud tradition of higher education and a UW System that is a key economic engine and contributor to our state’s economy, job creation and world-class reputation.

“Republicans, in an effort to promote themselves, are willing to ignore that their actions will cause real-life harm to Wisconsin women who need health care, including prenatal care, annual preventative physicals, cancer screenings and other vital health care provided by OB-GYNs,” said Martha Laning, Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair. “Damaging women’s health, particularly in areas already underserved across our state, goes against our Wisconsin values.” 

leah-vukmirRepublican opportunism surrounding this bill is embodied by the chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, far-right state Sen. Leah Vukmir, who is using this extremist, anti-choice legislation to advance her political career and boost her national profile, even as it limits and weakens Wisconsin women's access to reproductive health care.

Current law already prohibits the use of state and federal funds for abortions, but Republicans' latest far-right proposal takes things an extreme step further, preventing University of Wisconsin System physicians from providing or assisting in abortion services -- even at privately funded facilities and on their own time. Vukmir is a well-established anti-choice extremist who has previously backed a zero-exception abortion ban and even right-wing "personhood" measures that stand to ban common forms of birth control.

In practice, the dangerous legislation would "destroy" the UW School of Medicine's ob-gyn program, according to UW School of Medicine and Public Health Dean Robert Golden, who predicts the bill could harm the medical school’s ability to provide “well-trained ob-gyns just when our state needs them the most to save the lives of women.”

Testifying earlier this summer on behalf of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians, retired Dr. Calvin Bruce, summed up harm that will be done to Wisconsin women by AB 206 this way: "Our academy is neither pro-choice nor pro-life. We have members who have strongly held beliefs on both sides of that issue. We are strongly pro-patient. And we strongly oppose AB206 on workforce, medical and academic grounds."

Schimel Declines To Help Wisconsinites’ Keep Health Care PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Melanie Conklin   
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 12:47

brad-schimelDems say Attorney General too cowardly to stand up to fellow Republicans to help stop skyrocketing health care premiums.

MADISON -- Attorney General Brad Schimel dodged questions at a press conference Monday on whether he will join the lawsuit to help Wisconsinites keep their needed healthcare. He hedged, saying he “doubts” that Wisconsin will join the lawsuit to require the federal government to continue essential health care subsidies.

Without these subsidies and due to the Republican sabotage of healthcare market, the average Wisconsinite will see a 36% increase in their premiums.

martha-laning“Schimel’s spineless comments show just how unwilling he is to do the right thing for Wisconsin and stand up for residents who deserve to keep their health care, and instead blaming his fellow Republicans,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning. “As we’ve seen a rise in mental health issues and addiction, as well as prescription drug cost hikes, it is unconscionable that Schimel would refuse to defend a law that helps people in Wisconsin get the treatment they need.”

Schimel told reporters he doubted that Wisconsin would join 19 other states in suing so lower-income Wisconsinites can continue receiving subsidies that reduce out-of-pocket health care costs. He thought he would need permission from Gov. Walker or Republicans in the Legislature, and he did not think they would allow him to do it.

“As attorney general, Brad Schimel has embraced the role of a partisan hack when it comes to wasting state taxpayer money to fight countless unwinnable lawsuits against a law that provided affordable healthcare to 20 million Americans,” continued Laning. “For Schimel to foist the blame for his inaction on other Republicans during a tough re-election campaign is cowardly.”

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