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Flynn: Scott Walker Wastes Wisconsin Tax Dollars in Giveaways to Corporations PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Forward with Flynn, Bryan Kennedy   
Thursday, 11 January 2018 14:42

matt-flynnMatt Flynn outlines a better approach to private-sector investments.

MILWAUKEE - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn attacked Governor Scott Walker Wednesday for his giveaways to corporations at taxpayer expense.

"When he first ran in 2010, Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs in his first term. It's nearly two terms later and we are still waiting," said Flynn. "What he did instead was spend our tax dollars on corporate giveaways under the pretense of creating jobs. He cut taxes for the very rich, made non-transparent investments with our tax dollars, provided billions in subsidies to foreign and out-of-state corporations with no job requirements, and created the corrupt Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, which is essentially a slush fund for his donors."

"When we look at the results, we find a terrible return on investment for the taxpayers," Flynn continued. "Taxpayers are spending at least $231,000 for each new job at Foxconn, and perhaps as much as $1.3 million per job. The rosiest forecast is it will take more than 25 years for the state to break even on the deal. I don't believe we will ever break even on this deal."

Flynn also noted how Walker sides with the demands of big business over workers, the environment, and public health concerns. He has driven down wages for the many while enriching the few.

"Walker only represents his donors and out-of-state corporations," said Flynn. "His job for them is to vacuum cash out of our public assets and into their pockets."

Flynn outlined his own standards for working with the private sector:

  • Our goal should be increasing personal income for every Wisconsinite.
  • State investment opportunities should be ranked by their potential impact on increasing income and good jobs.
  • State investments should be transparent, measurable, and in line with our economic strategies, as should the cost-benefit analyses of our investments.
  • Wisconsin's government should not arbitrarily pick winners and losers but rather invest according to strategic priorities. The state should not selectively exempt some corporations from our laws.

"Leading growth states have demonstrated that it is better to support public assets such as education, infrastructure, and clean water than to give money to wealthy individuals and corporations with the hope it will trickle down," said Flynn. "Most Wisconsinites understand this. It's time to elect a governor who understands it, too."


Matt Flynn is a Navy veteran, attorney, and former Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He attended law school at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

For additional information, visit

Andy Gronik Campaign Launches Microsite "Wisconsin is in Jeopardy" PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Andy Gronik Press Office, Brandon Weathersby   
Thursday, 11 January 2018 14:27

andy-gronikSite offers quiz to help you learn about Scott Walker's failed record as Governor.

MILWAUKEE - Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik released a brand new microsite Wednesday exposing Gov. Scott Walker's seven years of failure, incompetence, and corruption as Wisconsin's top executive.

"Gov. Scott Walker knows I’m the Democrat who will beat him in November, that's why he and the Wisconsin Republican Party attacked me before I became a candidate; attacked me statewide immediately upon declaring myself a candidate; and continues to attack me today with ridiculous accusations.  If Gov. Walker thinks spreading falsehoods about my friends and me will distract from his long list of failures he should think again." said gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik. "I'll put my 35 years of business success helping struggling companies worldwide grow and create good-paying, family-sustaining jobs up against Gov. Walker's two and a half decade long political career of saying one thing and doing another."

You can view the website here.

"Gov. Walker’s policies have failed, and the people of Wisconsin have had to live with the consequences. Seven years after Walker took office our economy is stagnant - so stagnant Walker’s willing to give billions to a foreign corporation to create the appearance of competency.  Seven years after taking office our public schools have been starved of resources and our teachers humiliated - so starved and so humiliated that Walker’s now willing to try to buy his way back into public favor.  His us or them politics and willingness to sell off pieces of our state to his highest political contributors have put Wisconsin in jeopardy.  We simply cannot afford another four years of Walker as Governor. My plans create good jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture and spur more new business starts and more small, medium and large business growth by rewarding success. My plans leverage the best ideas no matter where they come from and make life in our state better for everyone. Change is necessary and good.  I’m the change candidate who will make good things happen for all of the people of Wisconsin," concluded Gronik.

Andy Gronik Launches Microsite:

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Conservationists Endorse Patty Schachtner for SD10 PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by League of Conservation Voters, Ryan Billingham   
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 10:20

patty-schachtner-farmPatty is the “real deal”, a hunter, an outdoor enthusiast, and has lived her entire life in western Wisconsin, observing the conservation tradition to protect our beautiful state for our kids and grandkids.

MADISON – Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters proudly endorses Patty Schachtner for Wisconsin’s Senate District 10.

The upcoming special election on Jan. 16 in SD10 provides voters one of the first major opportunities to send a message to the anti-conservation elements in Madison and Washington D.C. by electing Patty Schachtner.

Patty Schachtner is a conservationist through and through. She is a hunter, an outdoor enthusiast, and has lived her entire life in western Wisconsin, observing a simple conservation tradition: Protect our beautiful state for our kids and grandkids (of which she has nine). A community leader from St. Croix, Patty is the “real deal” for Wisconsin.

Her opponent, Adam Jarchow, has been on the Conservation Dishonor Roll twice, and has said he sees that anti-conservation title “as a badge of honor.” During the 2015-16 Legislative Session, Jarchow authored the Polluter Grab Bag, an extreme proposal that gave away public land in lakebeds for free to developers. In 2017, he voted against the common-sense Leading on Lead Bill (SB48/AB78), which gives communities more tools to replace toxic lead pipes.

“We need leaders who bring common sense solutions to the problems we face. I do that every day in my work in the community and will bring the same approach to the legislature,” Schachtner says.

Communities in the 10th District have a proud history of environmental stewardship and should have a representative like Patty Schachtner who matches those values.

# # #

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to electing conservation leaders, holding decision makers accountable, and encouraging lawmakers to champion conservation policies that effectively protect Wisconsin's public health and natural resources.

You can follow legislation impacting natural resources on our Conservation Vote Tracker, a real-time accountability tool that provides you with a complete picture of what conservation issues are in play and how legislators are performing:

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