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Elections, Elected Officials and Political Parties
McCabe to visit Fox Valley PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Commoners for Mike McCabe, Christine Welcher   
Tuesday, 14 November 2017 10:49

mccabe-gov-headerCandidate for Governor holds Town Hall at Atlas Coffee Mill, 425 West Water Street, Appleton beginning at 6pm Tuesday, November 14.

APPLETON, WI - Mike McCabe's Principle over Party campaign continues to make its way around the state, this time focusing on the Fox River Valley. Stops on Tuesday include visits to local small businesses and a Town Hall at Atlas Coffee Mill (425 West Water Street, Appleton) beginning at 6pm Tuesday, November 14.

The People Powered Campaign has been making its way across the state since its kick-off in early September. Recently Mike McCabe was in Superior, Ashland, Eau Claire, and River Falls just to name a few stops. Regardless of the location, Mike's message remains the same.

mike-mccabe“There is risk involved in taking this stand against the influence of big money. But there is an even greater risk if everyone keeps going along with the corrupt way election campaigns are regularly being funded. If big money rules again in the next election for governor, some candidate will win but the people will lose,” McCabe said.

In 1995 McCabe was a founding member of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan watchdog group that specializes in tracking the money in state elections and works to make people matter more than money in politics. He led the group for 15 years as its director and during that time exposed money’s influence and called out wrongdoing by state officials, earning a reputation as a leading government whistle blower and one of the nation’s best political money trackers.

Before the Democracy Campaign came along, the only way to see who was donating to elected officials and candidates for office was to travel to the old state Elections Board office in Madison and personally examine mountains of paper reports. The Democracy Campaign entered all of the information on those reports into an electronic database and published it online, making it vastly easier to follow the money in Wisconsin politics. For its efforts under Mike’s leadership, the Democracy Campaign was named the Citizen Openness Advocate of the Year in 2012 by the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council and the state chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

He continued, "I am running for governor for one reason and one reason only. To do everything I can to get our government working for all of us and not just a privileged few."


For more information on the campaign visit: GovernorBlueJeans.com .

Matt Flynn Statement on the Foxconn Contract PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Forward with Flynn, Bryan Kennedy   
Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:46

foxconn-dealFlynn attacks Walker’s record of stagnation as the corrupt WEDC votes on the controversial Foxconn contract

MADISON - Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today made the following statement criticizing the Foxconn deal as Governor Scott Walker’s corrupt Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) votes to sign the contract with Foxconn.

matt-flynn-gov“What could make Governor Walker take such a desperate gamble? We are nearly seven years into Walker’s destructive policies to attempt to produce his ‘minimum acceptable’ 250,000 jobs. With next year’s election on the horizon, the Governor has decided to buy jobs for hundreds of thousands of dollars each. His partner is a foreign corporation known for demanding exemptions from clean water laws and driving its workers to literally jump out of windows to escape its factories in China.

“This deal is so bad that, at every turn, facts about it have been concealed or distorted. In fact, even the consultancy of Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, hired by Walker’s administration, estimates that a whopping ‘40% to 50% of the construction-period spending and ongoing jobs associated with the project could be filled by non-residents.’ Facts are inconvenient to him, so Governor Walker got the figure changed to 0%.

“For most of Wisconsin’s history, we were a state where incomes were above the national average. Yet, since Walker has been in office, our real family median incomes have been below the national average. By contrast, neighboring Minnesota has posted stronger job numbers than ours and their real median family incomes now sit nearly $5,000 higher than ours.

“Minnesota abandoned their GOP special interest policies and instead invested in their people through education and infrastructure. Those investments paid off both in higher incomes and more new business startups. This is the real source of innovation. Companies like Apple and Microsoft were enabled by big public investments in research and human capital.

Economic growth is created by investing in people, the source of all real wealth creation, not by the over-priced buying of jobs from Chinese electronics firms.

“Walker has had his chance to try to make his policies work. They didn’t. It’s time for change in Wisconsin.”


Matt Flynn is a Navy veteran, attorney, and former Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He attended law school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For additional information, visit www.ForwardWithFlynn.com.

Matt Flynn Releases His Policies for Moving Wisconsin Forward Again PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Forward with Flynn, Bryan Kennedy   
Tuesday, 07 November 2017 16:13

matt-flynnFlynn will set things right again after the destructive government of Scott Walker.

MILWAUKEE - Gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today released his policy priorities for Wisconsin. His fiercely Forward-thinking policies include increasing wages, producing higher-wage jobs, protecting our clean water, fully funding public education, ensuring that all Wisconsinites have access to health care, repairing our roads, and creating much-needed political reform. 

“For seven years, the wages of Wisconsin families have stagnated. Governor Walker gutted public services so that the highest-income people get tax breaks,” Flynn said. “That record of backwards leadership is coming to an end. My administration will be focused on moving Wisconsin Forward again.”

Move Wisconsin Forward Again

More Jobs with Better Wages

Wages remain too low for too many Wisconsin workers. We are lagging behind the rest of the country. Too many are working several part-time jobs just to get by. Too many are struggling to provide for their families, living paycheck to paycheck, without opportunity for advancement.

To end Scott Walker’s record of stagnation, we will:

  1. Increase the minimum wage to a $15 per hour livable wage.
  1. Create a fairer, progressive tax structure.
  1. End “Right-to-Work” and “Act 10” so that employees can bargain for better wages, hours, and working conditions again.
  1. Restore prevailing wage.

Clean Water

Walker and the Republicans have seriously lowered Wisconsin’s environmental and water standards. Those standards were developed over decades by governors and legislators from both parties. High capacity wells and CAFOs are taking too much water out of our state and have contaminated wells in some areas. Some Wisconsinites drink bottled water because of the pollution.

Walker exempted Foxconn, a foreign company, from important Wisconsin laws protecting our clean water. But Wisconsin companies like Harley Davidson and Miller Brewing have to obey those laws. I do not want Chinese industrial water management anywhere in Wisconsin. If foreign companies come to our state, they will obey Wisconsin law.

To protect our clean water resources, we will:

  1. Restore water quality standards to protect our families.
  1. Restore a fully independent DNR with adequate resources and an adequate number of scientists.
  1. Create a state fund to assist municipalities and residents in removing lead service lines.
  1. Require all foreign companies to obey all American and Wisconsin laws.


Wisconsin used to be known for having the best public education in the country. Then came Scott Walker. We will fully fund public education in this state. We will stop the Walker policy of slashing education after his election and then restoring a little funding before his re-election. The long-term impacts of his education policies are disastrous for Wisconsin’s economy.

This means we will fully fund our public schools, technical colleges, and the UW System. We particularly need to restore the University of Wisconsin’s status as a premier research institution. Walker has vandalized the University of Wisconsin, tried to change the mission statement, eliminated statutory tenure, and made deep cuts to funding.

To restore the excellence of public education in Wisconsin, we will:

  1. Fully fund public education in this state, in both urban and rural districts, including transportation and broadband. This will require fixing the funding formulas so that no district is unfairly disadvantaged.
  1. Fully fund the UW System campuses and WTCS.
  1. Reaffirm the mission statement of the University of Wisconsin.
  1. Restore statutory tenure.
  1. Promote and advertise the excellence of the University of Wisconsin.

Health Care

Donald Trump is trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act. As Governor, I will support the Affordable Care Act and work to make health care more affordable.

Scott Walker turned down hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid payments by the federal government. This was merely the return of our own federal taxes. I will lobby for and accept all federal funding to meet our health care obligations. I am not willing to put politics ahead of people’s lives.

To improve our health care system, we will:

  1. Support BadgerCare for All. This sensible law will allow patients to buy an affordable health plan through BadgerCare Plus as Trump shrinks access to the private market.
  1. Accept federal funding for Medicaid expansions.

Roads and Infrastructure

The plan of Walker and the Republicans for roads and infrastructure is neglect and debt. We have rural areas going back to gravel roads. Walker also turned down more than $800 million in train funds from the federal government which was simply a return of our federal taxes.

To restore our roads and state infrastructure, we will:

  1. Lobby for and accept all federal funds for transportation and infrastructure projects.
  1. Pay for necessary road and infrastructure projects through a combination of user fees on gas, registration, and trucks.

Clean government

Wisconsin has a long history of clean government reforms going back to the 19th Century. Scott Walker has progressively corrupted this state over the past seven years. He broke up one of the best government accountability agencies in the world and tried to gut the state’s open records law. He created and still oversees a giant slush fund in the form of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to benefit his donors.

Every policy must start with clean government. I will clean up the corruption in Madison. In particular, I will reform the WEDC to a department that makes honest loans by honest standards, without regard to political contributions. I will restore a clean government accountability agency, and I’ll work with journalists, legislators, and citizens to make our state the most transparent in the country.

To restore clean, honest government, we will:

  1. Reform the WEDC to a department that makes honest loans by honest standards, without regard to political contributions.
  1. Reaffirm our commitment to open records and transparency in government.
  1. Create automatic voter registration. Every American citizen living in Wisconsin who gets a license at the DMV will be automatically registered to vote. Licensees would be allowed to opt-out of voter registration if they choose.
  1. Establish a neutral reapportionment commission to redistrict legislative districts every ten years to prevent partisan legislators from picking their voters, rather than voters picking their legislators.


Scott Walker got taken to the cleaners in the Foxconn deal. He does not have the skill or experience to negotiate a $3 billion deal. He gave away our state’s resources to a foreign corporation in exchange for a promise to create jobs near the Illinois border. But there are no guaranteed number of jobs and no guaranteed wage levels.

Part of the $3 billion could have been spent on our most important economic public assets, including the University of Wisconsin System and public education. Part of it could have been used to invest in start-ups and small businesses in all 72 counties of our state. Part of it could have been used to repair our roads. These three things would have created more jobs statewide and brought more money into all communities, including rural communities and urban communities, throughout Wisconsin.

As governor, I will hold Foxconn to their duty of good faith and fair dealing and other contractual obligations under Wisconsin law. If they violate those obligations, I will move to recoup the money paid to them.


Matt Flynn is a Navy veteran, attorney, and former Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He attended law school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For additional information, visit www.ForwardWithFlynn.com

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