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Elections, Elected Officials and Political Parties
League Women's Voters WI "Legislative update and special elections" PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by League Women Voters WI, Andrea Kaminski   
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 15:07

voter-usNonpartisan group reports on current issues.

MADISON - Congratulations to the League of Women Voters of Sheboygan County, which recently received full recognition as a League! Go to their Facebook page to see recent and upcoming events for this dynamic group.

If you contacted your state legislators about bills the League was following in the November legislative floor sessions, thank you! Here is a roundup of what happened to the bills and what the next step, if any, is for each proposal. And thanks to our intern Eliana Locke for preparing this resource.

After suffering a 28% staffing reduction in the state budget, the Wisconsin Elections Commission will consider a proposal on Monday to ask the legislature for funding for three positions devoted to election cybersecurity and voter education. Read the League's statement of support.

Special elections have been scheduled to fill vacancies in 3 legislative districts:

  • Senate District 10 (parts of Burnett, Polk, St. Croix, Pierce and Dunn counties)
  • Assembly District 66 (within the City of Racine)
  • Assembly District 58 (within Washington County).

If there is a Primary Election for any of these districts, it will take place December 19. The final Election will be on January 16. For more details, click here and scroll down to the Special Election announcements in the center column. In each announcement, you can click on “attachments” for a list of candidates and more information.

GOP Tax Scam Is A Gift To Billionaire Donors PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brad Bainum   
Saturday, 18 November 2017 11:15

diane-hendricks-dick-uihleinMega rich behind dark money ads in Senate race would gain. Nicholson donor Dick Uihlein could save up to $340,000,000; Vukmir donor Diane Hendricks would get a $867,000,000 cut.

MADISON - Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed its Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson-endorsed version of the #GOPTaxScam that would increase taxes on millions on middle-class families -- nearly half of middle-class families, to be exact -- while slashing corporate tax rates and taxes for the richest Americans.

Among other things, the House GOP tax plan completely eliminates the estate tax -- the tax that's levied on "property (cash, real estate, stock, or other assets) transferred from deceased persons to their heirs," but only where the property value exceeds $5.49 million per individual. The estate tax simply doesn't impact most Americans -- and eliminating it only benefits the super-wealthy, like Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir's megadonors (take it from a Wisconsin farmer). 

Here's a look at how Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir's respective billionaire donors would be rewarded by the House GOP bill's elimination of the estate tax (assuming they would at-present be taxed at the 17% effective rate):

  • Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein has already invested a whopping $15 million in groups backing out-of-state billionaire puppet Kevin Nicholson, but that's just a drop in the bucket compared to the benefits Uihlein would reap under the tax cuts Nicholson wants to gift Uihlein in return:

    Estimated Net Worth: $700,000,000 - $2,000,000,000
    Estimated Cut From Estate Tax Repeal: $119,000,000 - $340,000,000
  • Wisconsin billionaire Diane Hendricks is campaign finance co-chair for right-wing state Senator Leah Vukmir, who reportedly kicked off her campaign with "a private audience with [the] influential billionaire." We don't know everything Vukmir has promised Hendricks, but is there any way tax cuts for the wealthy weren't discussed? Here's how Hendricks would benefit from the estate tax repeal Vukmir is calling for:

    Estimated Net Worth: $5,100,000,000
    Estimated Cut From Estate Tax Repeal: $867,000,000

"Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir are calling for a massive transfer of wealth to their biggest donors, and they want hardworking Wisconsinites to pay for it," said Brad Bainum, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race. "It's clear what's happening here: Nicholson and Vukmir aren't looking out for Wisconsin working families -- their only concern is rewarding their corporate special interest big donors."

Matt Flynn Calls Scott Walker Campaign Slogan Deceptive PDF Print E-mail
Elections, Elected Officials, Political Parties
Written by Forward with Flynn, Bryan Kennedy   
Saturday, 18 November 2017 09:50

matt-flynn-govSlogan is a deceptive cover-up of government run by Republican donors.

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today made the following statement highlighting the way Scott Walker’s dismal record contrasts with Walker’s new campaign slogan, “Moving Wisconsin Forward.”

Flynn said, “Since the day I announced my candidacy for governor, I have called my candidacy a campaign for ‘moving Wisconsin Forward again.’ Apparently, this message is so appealing that the incumbent governor decided to borrow the slogan for himself. The only difference is he leaves out the crucial word, ‘again.’

“Walker removed ‘again’ to leave voters with the impression that he has been moving Wisconsin forward all along. Wisconsin voters know better. Since he first took office in 2011, he has consistently moved Wisconsin backwards.

“Walker is simply a policy mule for a Republican donor cartel. These donors want to socialize all their risk, privatize any profits, and transfer the public assets of Wisconsin into their pockets. Here are a few of their objectives which Walker has obeyed:

  • Walker drove down wages by passing Act 10, Right to Work, and by repealing prevailing wage.
  • He turned down more than $800 million in train money and more than $500 million in Medicaid money.
  • He is turning over almost $3 billion in taxpayer cash to a Chinese company and exempting them from clean water regulations that American companies such as Miller Brewing and Harley-Davidson have to obey.
  • He has cut funding to the University of Wisconsin System, eliminated statutory tenure, and insulted the professors by calling their opposition ‘a collective groan,’ and falsely stating they were more interested in themselves than in their students.
  • He has permitted industry to write their own environmental permits, polluting our water.
  • He permitted a foreign private corporation to force private Wisconsin property owners to give up their property under the doctrine of eminent domain, which had previously been reserved for state purposes.
  • He broke up one of the best government accountability agencies in the world and created a giant slush fund for his campaign donors in the form of the WEDC.
  • He led the effort to add Wisconsin to the call for a Constitutional Convention that will amend the United States Constitution to permit Republican donors to steal public assets well into the future.

“This atrocious record is Walker’s idea of ‘moving Wisconsin forward.’ He has turned Wisconsin through a gerrymandered legislature into a donor occupation group. It’s time for a new governor.

Forward has been Wisconsin’s state motto since admission to the union, and it accurately captures most of our state’s progressive history. We gave America kindergarten, Earth Day, workers’ compensation insurance, and other forward-thinking ideas. Wisconsin has been called the birthplace of progressivism.

“Scott Walker’s time as governor has repealed or damaged almost every aspect of Wisconsin progressivism. His time is up. Wisconsin is ready for change.”


Matt Flynn is a Navy veteran, attorney, and former Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He attended law school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For additional information, visit www.ForwardWithFlynn.com.

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