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DPW Launches "WI Will Vote" Tool to Register, Inform Voters PDF Print E-mail
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Courtney Beyer   
Thursday, 04 October 2018 15:56

voter-us-electionsNew internet tool will help Wisconsin voters find information about the November 6 midterm elections.

MADISON - Wisconsin Democrats launched WIWILLVOTE.COM today, a resourceful landing page where Wisconsinites can pledge to vote for the Democratic ticket and quickly find information about the November 6 midterm elections.

WI Will Vote is just one part of a large scale voter outreach effort by the Party and its partners to contact and inform voters ahead of November’s general election.

WIWILLVOTE.COM enables voters to:

  • Pledge to vote for the Democratic ticket

  • Learn more about Democratic candidates on the ballot in their part of the state

  • Find volunteer opportunities with Wisconsin Democrats

  • Find their polling place

  • Register to vote and confirm registration via connecting to the Wisconsin Voter Registration website

“Democrats are energized like never before, but we need to make sure they’re bringing that energy to the polls on November 6th,” said Martha Laning, Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair. “There’s a lot at stake for Wisconsinites this November -- health care is on the ballot, our schools are underfunded, and our crumbling roads are in desperate need of repair. That’s why we’re meeting voters where they are, whether that’s online or in their community, to give them the tools and information to cast their ballot in November for Wisconsin Democrats.”

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Why Won't Walker Answer for the New Lincoln Hills Report? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Alex Japko   
Thursday, 04 October 2018 15:12

boy-in-docAvoidance has been Walker’s MO since the problems started, Press reports.

DPW Requests FEC Investigation Into Possible Vukmir Violations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brad Bainum   
Thursday, 04 October 2018 10:03

leah-vukmirGOP Senate candidate appears to have illegally used state campaign committee funds to pay for federal campaign expenses.

MADISON - Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning today sent the Federal Election Commission a letter requesting an investigation into whether Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir and her U.S. Senate campaign illegally used state campaign committee funds to pay for federal campaign expenses.

Read the letter:

Office of General Counsel
Federal Election Commission
1050 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20463

October 4, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (“DPW”) to draw your attention to what appear to be multiple violations of federal election law by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir, who appears to have made repeated use of state campaign committee funds for federal campaign purposes.

According to state campaign finance reports submitted to the state of Wisconsin Ethics Commission by Ms. Vukmir’s state campaign committee, “Friends of Leah Vukmir” (the “state committee”), Ms. Vukmir has, on as many as fifty-three occasions, used funds from her state committee to pay for expenses incurred during — and to the benefit of — her federal U.S. Senate campaign.

Ms. Vukmir announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate on September 7, 2017, and formed “Leah For Senate,” a federal U.S. Senate campaign committee (the “federal committee”), by submitting a FEC Form 1 Statement of Organization dated September 8, 2017.

Over the year since Ms. Vukmir first announced her federal candidacy, the state committee has made fifty-three disbursements — not including transfers to other Wisconsin state campaign committees, to multiple payees, and for a range of campaign-related expenditures, including:

  • “Candidate Expenses – Meals”;
  • “Candidate Expenses – Travel”;
  • “IT – Campaign IT Maintenance”;
  • “Utilities – Phone / Cell Phone”; and,
  • “Bank Charges.”

The fifty-three state committee disbursements total $4,804.92, including $2,964.53 that was spent on telecom and “Campaign IT Maintenance.” Most, if not all, of these state committee expenditures appear to have benefited Ms. Vukmir’s federal campaign and committee. Most glaringly, the state committee paid $390.00 to Verizon Wireless, between October 2017 and January 2018, after which the state committee’s Verizon Wireless expenditures ceased, while Verizon Wireless disbursements began on the federal committee’s filings, suggesting that the previous state committee expenditures were made explicitly to the benefit of the federal committee.

If any state committee expenditures were, in fact, made to the benefit of Leah Vukmir’s federal U.S. Senate candidacy, then it appears that Ms. Vukmir has potentially violated federal campaign finance laws on as many as fifty-three occasions, skirting both campaign contribution limits and disclosure requirements.

Given the close proximity to November’s election, the DPW urges a swift investigation into Ms. Vukmir and her associated committees’ potential violations of federal campaign finance law.

Ms. Vukmir should be ordered to immediately answer for these inconsistencies and provide a detailed accounting of any illicit federal use of state committee funds. DPW further requests that Ms. Vukmir’s federal committee be ordered to retroactively comply with federal campaign contribution limits and disclosure requirements, and that Ms. Vukmir face appropriate punitive measures for any violations of federal election law.

The DPW looks forward to your investigation and any findings that arise thereof.


Martha Laning
Democratic Party of Wisconsin
15 N. Pinckney Street, #200
Madison, Wisconsin 53703.

Legislative Audit Bureau: The Sentinels of State Government PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator 31st District   
Wednesday, 03 October 2018 12:23

wisc-capitol-domeWe acknowledge the exceptional work of the award-winning Legislative Audit Bureau, which is critical to oversight of state government.

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