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Democrats Want Larger Voice in State Budget Proposal PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 08:29

senateRepublican 'solutions' offered Tuesday fail to meet the needs of hard-working families in communities across our state and it's time to welcome ideas from Democrats.

MADISON - The following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning on the Senate budget proposal revealed Tuesday:

"Budgets are about priorities and the top priorities of Senate Republicans don't reflect the priorities of hard-working Wisconsin families who just want their roads fixed and their schools fully funded.

martha-laning"The proposal introduced today does not address the desperate needs of public schools today. Local public schools are the heart of our communities and we need to make sure we are retaining quality teachers, investing in modern facilities and meeting high educational standards to give students the best possible opportunity to get ahead.

"Great public schools don’t just lead to better outcomes and more opportunities for students - they are the heart of every local community and a key driving force for economic success. As Democrats, we know that a strong public education is the key to opening the doors of opportunity for millions of Americans.

"Republicans also proposed borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars in a short-sighted attempt to fill holes in the transportation budget. For years, Democrats have offered to work with Republicans interested in a long term solution to solve the current transportation funding crisis. Instead, they've proposed kicking the can down the road once again and add more debt for future generations.

"Wisconsin's roads and bridges have fallen deeper and deeper into disrepair because of the poor fiscal decisions Republicans have made. The time is now to make fixing our transportation infrastructure the focus. We need a serious upgrade to makes sure everyone lives a safe and prosperous life. In order for our economy to grow and for our citizens to have opportunities to succeed, now and in the future, we need sustainable, long-term solutions to our transportation funding crisis.

"The Republican 'solutions' offered today fail to prioritize the needs of hard-working families in communities across our state. Frankly, we can and we must do better. It's time for Republicans to welcome ideas from Democrats so that we can start working together to what is right for the people of Wisconsin."

What You Won't Find in the Republican Senate Budget Proposal PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Brandon Weathersby   
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 08:02

studentsThe state budget proposed this week by Republicans in Madison lacks bi-partisan ideas and real solutions to the transportation funding crisis, creating good jobs, public education, and student loan debt relief.

Talk Is All Health Care at the Stockholm Art Fair PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Kathleen Vinehout, State Senator 31st District   
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 07:07

art-fairSenator Vinehout shares what she learned at the Stockholm Art Fair about dwindling health care options in Western Wisconsin.

State Budget Provides Debt, Debt, And More Debt PDF Print E-mail
State & Local
Written by Wisconsin Senate Democrats, Tony Palese   
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 16:07

walker-state-denialWisconsin Senate Republicans propose more credit card spending, tax breaks for millionaires.

MADISON – With funding for schools and road projects in jeopardy, Senate Republicans are poised to announce a plan for more state borrowing that already appears dead on arrival. With a state budget more than two weeks overdue, Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) released the following statement:

jennifer-shilling“It is completely irresponsible for Republicans to continue racking up credit card debt while expanding tax breaks for millionaires. I can’t imagine why anyone would support a budget that prioritizes tax breaks for 11 millionaires over funding for our local schools and roads. Working families are tired of the Republican dysfunction that is paralyzing our government from the federal level down to the state.

“Rather than more tax breaks for the rich, we should be making our schools whole. Rather than more borrowing and record debt payments for roads, we should be making long-term investments in our infrastructure. It’s time to eliminate tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs, get back to our Wisconsin values and pass a budget that actually invests in the future of our state.”

Gov. Walker introduced his state budget proposal more than five months ago. Despite having total control of the statehouse and Governor’s office, Republican infighting has prevented progress for weeks. The budget-writing Joint Finance Committee hasn’t met publicly since June 15th. Their failure to complete a budget by the state’s July 1st budget deadline has created uncertainty for Wisconsin schools, families and communities.

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