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Trump Decimates National Monuments PDF Print E-mail
News - Articles for Nation & World
Written by Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Ryan Billingham   
Monday, 04 December 2017 17:03

utah-mountainsThe largest elimination of protected areas in U.S. history will not stop there.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 December 2017 18:00
Does Rep. Gallagher still stand by Flynn? PDF Print E-mail
News - Articles for Nation & World
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Melanie Conklin   
Friday, 01 December 2017 20:24

micheal-flynn-speaksWisconsin deserves transparency on Gallagher's relationship with former National Security Advisor Flynn.

MADISON - In the wake of President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin renews the calls for Rep. Mike Gallagher to finally denounce Flynn’s support and condemn his criminal behavior.

mike-gallagherGallagher’s constituents deserve to know the details behind his involvement with Flynn, including a high-priced fundraiser where his supporters paid $5,400 a piece to join a “Homeland Security & Anti-Terrorism Round Table discussion with the General [Flynn]” or get a “photo opp” with him for $2,700. Flynn came to Wisconsin to headline a Gallagher fundraiser hosted by the Republican Party of Waukesha County on June 1, 2016.

Even before today’s bombshell news, it was disconcerting that Gallagher enthusiastically welcomed support from Flynn, a man who regularly spread fake news, shared anti-Semitic and Islamophobic media postings and was forced out of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) for erratic and untruthful behavior.

Since Flynn’s forced resignation as National Security Advisor, Gallagher has refused to disavow Flynn, despite the fact that Flynn was secretly lobbying for the Turkish government, lied to the vice president and was vulnerable to blackmail as a result.

Now that Flynn has pleaded guilty to the extremely serious offense of making false statements to the FBI, Gallagher should do the right thing and disavow Flynn’s support as well as disclose the details of all political advocacy and communications he and his campaign had with Flynn.

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 December 2017 10:46
Did Sen. Ron Johnson cut a Tax Bill deal that will enrich him personally? PDF Print E-mail
News - Articles for Nation & World
Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Melanie Conklin   
Friday, 01 December 2017 19:17

ron-johnsonJohnson a 'yes' now on the tax bill after a high-profile battle that benefits his business.

MADISON -- After much political theater and talk about the federal deficit, Sen. Ron Johnson has announced that he is a ‘yes’ vote on the latest version of the Senate tax bill after a deduction for pass-through businesses like his own was increased. Stories leaked by Republicans about Johnson’s negotiations with Trump show businesses like his own trumped any concern he reportedly had on the deficit.

He confirmed to reporters that raising the pass-through deduction to 23% was what secured his support for the bill. This move will reportedly add another $60 billion to the cost of the tax package. His Senate office also confirms he retains an ownership stake in Pacur.

“The people of Wisconsin deserve to receive full disclosure from Sen. Johnson on how his changes to the tax bill will benefit him personally,” said Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Martha Laning. “Sen. Johnson should not join the president in obfuscating what could be his own personal gain on this tax bill that hurts real people to further enrich the 1%.”

Johnson also negotiated a future role at the negotiating table to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the bill, where he can again protect his own self interests, so being open with the people of Wisconsin is even more important.

A report in the Washington Post that deserves heightened Wisconsin attention given Johnson’s role in the tax bill, cited these details from Johnson’s own financial disclosures:

  • Johnson is invested in four limited liability corporations that earned anywhere between $250,000 and $2 million in pass-through income in 2016

  • Johnson and his wife own 100% of a piece of commercial real estate that is worth anywhere between $5 million and $25 million and leased to Pacur

  • Johnson owns 5% of Pacur LLC, worth between $1 million and $5 million

Pass-through entities are not small businesses as Johnson describes. While some pass-through entities include small businesses, 70% of pass-through income goes to the top 1% of American earners.

“We know Johnson did not fight to change this bill because it leaves millions of lower and middle-income families without health care and paying more in taxes,” said Laning. “It appears he may have done this for his own personal gain, which is not how Wisconsin deserves to be represented. He must disclose immediately the impact his changes will have on his own fortune.”

McCabe Tells FCC 'Don’t create Internet Apartheid' PDF Print E-mail
News - Articles for Nation & World
Written by Commoners for Mike McCabe, Christine Welcher   
Thursday, 30 November 2017 16:19

internet-ruralNet Neutrality, the core operating principle of a free, open and non-discriminatory Internet, should be maintained says Candidate for Governor in letter to Federal Communications Commission.

MADISON - With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) poised to act as soon as December 14 on a proposed repeal of Net Neutrality, the core operating principle of a free, open and non-discriminatory Internet, Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe said today the move would open the door to “Internet Apartheid” and urged the FCC to keep Net Neutrality in place.

mike-mccabe“The biggest single challenge facing our state and our country today is economic and political inequality,” McCabe said. “Our government and the economy work really well for a wealthy and well-connected few, and are failing most of the rest of us. Doing away with Net Neutrality would widen the gaps and accelerate the growth of inequality by clearing the way for the creation of what could effectively become two separate Internets – an ultra-fast and comprehensive one for those who can afford to pay substantial premiums for access and a far slower and more limited one for everyone else. This would make it even more difficult for those who have been losing ground to compete economically and fully participate in modern American life.”

McCabe has been an advocate of Internet freedom and a defender of Net Neutrality for many years, dating back to his time leading the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which in 1996 created and published online the state’s first and only searchable database of political donors and has updated and expanded the online money tracking tool ever since.

McCabe authored a book, Blue Jeans in High Places: The Coming Makeover of American Politics, published in 2014. Chapter 11 deals with the Internet’s importance to the future of American democracy and its potential as a tool that could empower tech-savvy youth to substantially remake the country’s politics. In the chapter, McCabe wrote: “Today’s Internet has been described as an information superhighway. Tomorrow’s Internet could become a system of toll roads. Pay to get in the top tier and your site and your service will run fast. Pay less for a lower tier and you’re stuck in the slow lane.”


The following statement has been sent to the FCC:

Dear Commissioners:

For love of America and everything it stands for, and for the good of our country’s future competitiveness globally, do not stoop to digital discrimination and vote to end Net Neutrality.

The Internet’s founding principle was that every website, online feature and service should be treated the same. Altering or doing away with the anti-discrimination rules embodied in the policy of Net Neutrality opens the door to what could amount to Internet Apartheid. The emergence of what would effectively become two segregated Internets not only would create an unrecognizable Internet experience for many if not most Americans, it also would stifle economic and social innovation. The level playing field of today’s Internet is what has enabled bloggers to compete with global media conglomerates, it is what empowers up-and-coming musicians to build underground audiences long before their songs crack the top 40, it is what has spawned the EBays and Amazons of the world and makes it possible for upstart retailers to compete with big boxes for customers.

With a pay-per-view Internet, it is easy to see how inventors and entrepreneurs and their startups could be muscled out of the marketplace by big corporations that pay for a top spot on the Web. It is easy to see how network operators could amass even greater profits if Net Neutrality is ended, and it is equally easy to see how that would hinder the next generation of inventors and innovators and thinkers and dreamers and anyone else who cannot afford top-tier online access.

Not much imagination is required to see how Internet Apartheid also would shape our politics once the electoral impact of the digital age reaches full flower. The marketplace of ideas would be further tilted in favor of big-money interests. Citizens or groups without the means to buy top-tier service would be further disadvantaged. Political innovation would be further stifled.

Don’t do it. Don’t vote to end Net Neutrality and create Internet Apartheid.

Mike McCabe
Candidate for governor of Wisconsin

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 November 2017 16:41
GOP Tax “Reform” Puts Wisconsin Housing & Jobs In Direct Peril PDF Print E-mail
News - Articles for Nation & World
Written by Wisconsin Democrats   
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 17:09

paul-ryanPotential loss of 6,010 jobs and over $500 million in business income in Wisconsin alone.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 November 2017 17:56
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