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Written by Team Fallone   
Monday, 13 January 2020 10:14

ed_falloneEd Fallone is running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court this spring.

STATEWIDE - This spring, we have a chance to make a real difference on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We don’t have to settle for the same type of judicial candidate, from the same mold as our current Justices. The voters have a choice on February 18.

Ask yourself: “What sort of Justice would you like to see sitting on our state’s highest court?” Chances are, you would like to see a Justice with a wide range of legal experience … someone who is highly respected in the legal community … someone who is committed to defending our civil rights … and someone who is a staunch defender of the public’s right to know the workings of our government. Chances are, you would like to elect a Justice who will follow in the footsteps of Justice Shirley Abrahamson, who was a law professor before her appointment to the Court.

You can measure a person by the stands they took - even when no one was paying attention. Just last week, the GOP resurrected a bill to make English the official language of Wisconsin. Ed was fighting against English Only legislation in 1996. You know what you’re getting when you vote for Ed.


With Ed Fallone, we have a chance to elect a constitutional law professor, an outspoken advocate of our right to vote and our right to equal protection under the law, and someone who has spent decades helping working families navigate the justice system.  This is our chance to add Ed’s experience and perspective to the Court. We can’t miss this opportunity! The next election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court won’t occur until 2023.

Donate today, and let’s make sure that we put Ed’s voice on the Court.

Let’s seize this opportunity.

Team Fallone

P.S. Watch Ed’s most recent interview on PBS “Here and Now,” and join us in Door County on Friday!

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