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Thursday, 04 May 2017 08:56

mike-mccabePeople from all walks of life call on Blue Jean Nation's Mike McCabe, a non-partisan author and true independent, to step into the political arena and run for Governor in 2018.

GREEN BAY - Looking for a new type of candidate to challenge Scott Walker for governor? That's what a grassroots group of 190 concerned citizens from all parts of Wisconsin and many different walks of life all say we need.

On Wednesday, the group delivered a letter to Blue Jean Nation founder and president Mike McCabe, of rural Altoona, who they believe would be the ideal Candidate for Governor in the 2018 election.

McCabe, 56, is the author of Blue Jeans in High Places: The Coming Makeover of American Politics and for 15 years was the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan watchdog group that specializes in tracking the money in state elections and works for reforms aimed at making people matter more than money in politics. He has been a frequent contributor and blogger on these pages.

These citizens are tired of the procession of traditional Republican and Democratic politicians who they say have seized the levers of government in Wisconsin and are now being manipulated by those interested primarily in self-enrichment and personal power.

"We need you to run because of who you are and where you are from," they say to McCabe in their letter. "Rural Wisconsin is in crisis, and the rural-urban divide is growing disturbingly wide. You are farm raised and have deep rural roots, so you have what so few of today’s politicians have, namely an understanding of rural life and the challenges small-town residents face and an ability to speak their language."

The citizens believe Mike is "a public servant in the truest sense" and are asking him to run because "Wisconsin politics has grown corrupt and there is no one in our state who has worked harder for a longer time and done more to fight political corruption than you."

Before joining the Democracy Campaign’s staff in 1999 and becoming its director in 2000, Mike worked for six years as communications director and legislative liaison for the Madison Metropolitan School District. He has run a statewide civic education program for the nonprofit Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance. He also formerly worked as a newspaper reporter and as a legislative aide for three Republican members of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

In his early years, Mike served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the West African country of Mali. While at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Mike co-authored Democratic Renewal: A Call to Action from America’s Heartland for the Midwest Democracy Network and while at the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance co-wrote The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government as well as a curriculum guide on state and local government for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

McCabe is a true independent and has shined light on the misdeeds of Republicans and Democrats alike. He has been speaking truth to power for decades as a nonpartisan government watchdog.

When contacted for comment by the Green Bay Progressive on Wednesday, Mike told us that he "is interested" in a possible run for Governor and may try to put together a "campaign after Labor Day" should interest continue to grow. As of now, no money has been raised for the campaign, but Mike hopes to follow the "small individual donor" model used by Bernie Sanders when and if the campaign begins.


A copy of the letter including a complete list of the signers is presented below:

Wisconsinites Unite to Draft Mike McCabe for Governor

Dear Mike,

We strongly urge you to run for governor. Our reason is obvious: the levers of political power have been seized and are being manipulated by those interested primarily in self-enrichment and personal power. The actions of those who currently control the Capitol are extremely short-sighted as well as morally and ethically corrupt, and sap our state of its underlying strength and vitality.

The people sense this, and are hungry for a different kind of leadership. You are the right answer. You are an upright man, not interested in self-enrichment or power for power’s sake, with a feeling for the needs of others and your country. We are aware that you would rather not run for office. With the landscape littered with professional politicians and career office holders, your understandable and admirable reluctance to run only makes you more appealing to us and enhances your viability as a candidate. Added to that, you are a natural leader, with a vision of what is right, a rare gift for putting that vision into words, along with uncommon sense about how to turn words into actions. Also, the timing is right.

We need you to run because of who you are and where you are from. Rural Wisconsin is in crisis, and the rural-urban divide is growing disturbingly wide. You are farm raised and have deep rural roots, so you have what so few of today’s politicians have, namely an understanding of rural life and the challenges small-town residents face and an ability to speak their language.

We need you to run because the major parties are broken and you belong to no political party. You are a true independent and have been speaking truth to power for decades as a nonpartisan government watchdog. For decades you have shined light on the misdeeds of Republicans and Democrats alike, and have blown the whistle on them without fear or favor. That makes you a public servant in the truest sense. That’s what Wisconsin needs now more than ever.

We need you to run because Wisconsin politics has grown corrupt and there is no one in our state who has worked harder for a longer time and done more to fight political corruption than you. Truth is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity in our society, and no one in our state has demonstrated a greater devotion to truth telling than you and been more willing than you to speak the truth even when few want to hear it and some actively seek to silence it.

Because of who you are, where you are from and what you stand for, we believe you will find a deep vein of support across the state. We know running would be a huge sacrifice for you and your family. But now is the time. Your state and country are crying out for the kind of leadership you would provide. Politics and government are fouled up, and Wisconsin has lost its way. We need a jolt to the system. Wisconsin needs you.


Paul Linzmeyer, business leader De Pere

Rick Adamski, farmer Seymour

Mark Neumann, physician La Crosse

Joe Mastalski, retired pharmacist Hazelhurst

Ed Gorell, farmer Eleva

Matthew Wiltzius, cook Stevens Point

Rhonda Sitnikau, stylist Green Bay

Phil Blazkowski, regional planner Janesville

Stephanie Ortiz, domestic abuse prevention coordinator & Black Lives United, Green Bay

Brian Gronski, farmer Suamico

Masood Akhtar, entrepreneur Middleton

Cory Schneider, insurance salesman Stevens Point

Catherine Parker, librarian & town board member, Lake Tomahawk

Corina Norrbom, physician Rothschild

Casey Hicks, student Green Bay

Jeanne and Dan Patenaude Butternut

Ellen Johnson, nurse La Crosse

Geraldine Hamm, wellness coordinator, Waupaca

Dr. Paul Summerside, retired health care CEO, De Pere

Roger Schnitzler, publishing company owner, Wisconsin Dells

Ed Busby, IT technician & retired educator, Park Falls

Nick Dutton, insurance agent La Crosse

Monica Hofmann, nurse practitioner La Crosse

Avery Van Gaard, landscaper La Crosse

Avrum Lank, author & retired journalist, Whitefish Bay

Ben Welch, animator Hortonville

Jay Graff, military veteran & chauffeur service owner, Waupun

Paul Ahrens, student Green Bay

Dr. Thomas Wiltzius, psychologist Appleton

Monica and Ken Golomski, retired educators, De Pere

Katie Groves Sparta

Jennie Black, resort owner Hazelhurst

Ralph Knudson, retired family practice physician, La Crosse

Dave Pauly, insurance executive Madison

Mary Oldenburg, student La Crosse

Hiroshi Kanno, retired farmer & World War II internment camp survivor, Wisconsin Dells

Arlene Kanno, retired science teacher Wisconsin Dells

Kathy and Chuck Ivey La Crosse

Mark Scheffler, financial services manager, Appleton

Ake Stroede Wausau

Mike Ouimette, bartender Hazelhurst

Rich Langan Green Bay

Chuck Young, retired college professor, La Crosse

Lynn and Nancy Utesch, farmers Kewaunee

Steven Goschey, contractor Random Lake

Ann Tyndall, chaplain La Crosse

Nino Amato, senior citizen group leader & former utility executive Middleton

Paul Willems, military veteran & publishing business owner Green Bay

Joan Hauer, registered nurse Minocqua

Kathy Lefevre, county supervisor Green Bay

Tanner Klein, student Stevens Point

Stephen Minnema, minister La Crosse

Jim Snyder, realtor Arbor Vitae

Jennie Kleven, physician La Crosse

Judd Van De Hei, business owner De Pere

Sara Bell, health care educator Fond du Lac

Hank Roessell, retired police detective Hazelhurst

Peter Gorski, grocery co-op employee La Crosse

Deborah and Jim Kinder Wisconsin Dells

Laura Grovogel, health care professional, Allouez

Michael and Nancy Slattery, farmers Maribel

Samuel Birenbaum, student Eau Claire

Kris Edwards, project manager La Crosse

Jeff Kane, gas station service Hazelhurst

Phillip Marquart, data manager La Crosse

Peggy Snyder, office secretary Woodruff

Jenny Chevalier, independent business owner, Green Bay

Adriel Denae, musician & arts organization leader, Appleton

Curt Christianson, retired teacher Mercer

Kris Molinaro, speech therapist Minocqua

Cathy and Gary Simmons, retired teachers, Arbor Vitae

Charlie Frisk, retired science teacher Green Bay

Courtney Zambon, student Green Bay

Jim and Jeannie Groskreutz La Crosse

Jane Jacobi, registered nurse Minocqua

Russ Kopp, tile setter Lac du Flambeau

Jeannie Linzmeyer, arts business operator, De Pere

Richard and Lisbeth Reynertson La Crosse

Debra Kopp, housewife Lac du Flambeau

Dmitri Martin Waupaca

Dr. Robert Pyne, college administrator, De Pere

Mary Kubinet, customer service representative, Woodruff

Deborah Buffton, college professor La Crosse

Joe Augitto, architect Hazelhurst

Pete Angilello, school librarian Green Bay

Vic Ouimette, chamber of commerce & county board member, Mercer

Joy Olson La Crosse

Kim Hilliker, retired radiologist Wausau

Kyle Schneider, student Green Bay

Kirsten Margitan, Spanish teacher Minocqua

Mary Hilliker, registered nurse & yoga instructor, Wausau

Sam Prahl, electrician New London

Cole Piechowski, student Green Bay

Dave Maki, insurance agent Lac du Flambeau

Christine Rasmussen, accounting administrative assistant, Weyauwega

Katie Schierl Neenah

Vicki Vohs Janesville

Margie Jessup, programmer analyst Milton

James Crisco Wild Rose

Thomas McGrath Wausau

Chuck Johnston Fitchburg

Marsha Gerlach, retired food service manager, Waupaca

Larry Sleznikow, instructional technologist, La Crosse

Carolyn Sleznikow, registered nurse La Crosse

Rachel Teske, physician Onalaska

Lowell Wickman, veterinarian Oshkosh

Jill Wenzel New London

Sharon Locklin, health training manager, Green Bay

ILah Hartung, retired human services case manager, Janesville

Maria Jenquine Waupaca

Connie Weeks, retired teacher Milton

Bruce LaRose, retired school administrator, Hazelhurst

Dave Kropilnicki, retired school custodian, Waupaca

Jim Crist Madison

Dawn Broderick Waupaca

Betty Kossik Green Bay

Elizabeth Feil, continuing education seminar planner, Altoona

Nicolette Collier New London

Ursula Armstrong-Neisius, selfemployed former truck driver & postal worker, Redgranite

Cliff and Carol Claus Woodruff

Harvey Skjerven, forestry service director, Minocqua

Colleen Skjerven, dog grooming service owner, Minocqua

Rebecca Thieme-Baeseman Waupaca

Vern Gosdeck, math teacher Sun Prairie

Andy Teichmiller, business owner Woodruff

Sharon Gosdeck, dental hygienist Sun Prairie

Sue Teichmiller, physician assistant Woodruff

Mary Dunphy, clinical lab specialist Minocqua

Erv Teichmiller, minister, business owner & county board member Woodruff

Lewis Kuhlman, city planner La Crosse

Kevin Hundt, student La Crosse

Tom Neubauer, retired business owner, Whitefish Bay

Greg Bassett, handyman & retired optician, Hazelhurst

Wendy Bassett, speech pathologist Hazelhurst

Bart Hebert, physical therapist Woodruff

Mary Hebert, secretary Woodruff

Phil Carey Madison

Chuck Bohmert, retired teacher Arbor Vitae

Larry Caldwell, pharmacist Minocqua

Pam Caldwell, church secretary Minocqua

Richard Gee, retired power plant supervisor, Minocqua

Donna Gee, retired teacher Minocqua

Fred Locher, retired orthopedic surgeon, St. Germain

Laura Locher, artist St. Germain

Lori Mastalski, paralegal Amery

Ken Mastalski, industrial quality control specialist, Amery

Paul Fankhauser, farmer & former meat inspector, Madison

Sharon Fankhauser, business owner Madison

John Margitan, retired surveyor Minocqua

Bonnie Margitan, retired teacher Minocqua

Obbie King, web developer La Crosse

Jim Jorstad, IT director Stoddard

Jane Jorstad, retired elementary school teacher, Stoddard

Mark Strohsahl, retired social worker Hazelhurst

Barb Strohsahl, nursing educator Hazelhurst

Dave Burton, assistant school principal & former corrections officer, Arbor Vitae

Kathy Burton, small business owner Arbor Vitae

Kay and Mel Hoff Lake Tomahawk

Andy Binder, retired salesman Minocqua

Julie Clark, retired realtor Woodruff

Darlene Buraczewski, accountant Maribel

Mike Buraczewski, nuclear power procedure writer and operator Maribel

Dorothy Buraczewski, retired retail sales clerk, Minocqua

David Asman New London

Dan Stephens Madison

Allen Pruitt, financial services representative, La Crosse

John Small, village president & county supervisor, Marathon

P.J. Early, administrative coordinator St. Francis

Jerry Stepaniak Wauwatosa

Charles Lee, retired professor La Crosse

Dannette Lank, community volunteer Whitefish Bay

Doug Chapman, business training administrator, Eleva

Jacki Kossik Eureka

Bradley Butterfield, English professor La Crosse

Susan Crutchfield, professor La Crosse

Rosie Brooks, stay-at-home cook and artist, La Crosse

Robert Hughes Onalaska

Nancy Heerens-Knudson, retired physician assistant, La Crosse

Jessica Thill, educator La Crosse

Carol McKy, business services Middleton

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