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Written by Russ for Wisconsin   
Thursday, 06 October 2016 13:35

russ-listensRuss will Build an Economy that Works for Everyone, Not just CEOs and Multi-Millionaires.

MIDDLETON - Today, Russ for Wisconsin launched a new 30-second, statewide television ad, titled “Hands.”

Wisconsin is full of good people who work hard everyday to provide for their families. Russ believes all Wisconsinites deserve an equal opportunity to succeed -- not just the multi-millionaires and CEOs like Sen. Johnson.

The ad highlights Russ’s plan to create an economy that works for hardworking middle class Wisconsinites by closing corporate loopholes and helping small businesses grow and create jobs.

Russ introduced the Badger Innovation Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for renewing Wisconsin’s infrastructure, spurring innovation, and creating jobs, and the Fiscal Fitness Plan, which would close tax loopholes and reign in corporate giveaways, so that every Wisconsin business can thrive.

WATCH “Hands” here.

Published on Oct 6, 2016

But Sen. Johnson has spent nearly six years working for big corporations and billion-dollar special interests -- not Wisconsin’s working families. He supports bad trade deals and protects billion dollar loopholes for big corporations that ship jobs overseas. Wisconsin’s middle class and working families just can’t afford another six years of Sen. Johnson protecting his billionaire backers at the expense of working people.

Russ will fight to close corporate loopholes, oppose raw trade deals that ship jobs overseas, and pass family-friendly policies like paid family leave and equal pay for equal work so that Wisconsin’s economy works for everyone -- not just CEOs and multi-millionaires like Senator Johnson.

WATCH “Hands” here.

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