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Written by Russ for Wisconsin   
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 09:38

uwgb-studentAd Runs Statewide, Highlights Senator Johnson’s Backwards Belief that Student Loans are “Free Money”. Over 800,000 Wisconsinites Have Student Loans. Russ Will Work to Make College Affordable for All Wisconsin Students.

MIDDLETON, WI - Today, Russ for Wisconsin launched a new TV ad titled “Free Money.” The 30-second ad runs statewide and highlights Sen. Johnson’s opposition to the existence of federal student loans and his assertion that students think of their loans as nothing but “free money.”

WATCH the ad here or below.

Uploaded on Aug 22, 2016

ron-johnsonThe ad opens with Senator Johnson in his own words on student loans: “It’s just kinda free money… young people don’t really necessarily understand finance.”

But it’s Senator Johnson who doesn’t understand: over 800,000 Wisconsinites have student loan debt -- and many Wisconsinites are left to pay off student loans with ridiculously high interest rates well into adulthood. Senator Johnson’s opposition to federal student loans and his plan to keep interest rates high make college accessible to only wealthy families, leaving middle class and working families behind.

The ad comes on the heels of a radio ad which zeros in on Sen. Johnson’s efforts to keep higher education financially out of reach for thousands of Wisconsin’s middle class families, and television ad “Studying,” which highlights Sen. Johnson’s opposition to common-sense proposals to ease the student debt burden.

While traveling to all 72 of Wisconsin’s counties, Russ has consistently heard that one of the biggest barriers facing middle class and working families is the cost of higher education. Sen. Johnson and his corporate allies may like the system the way it is, but Russ believes that higher education shouldn’t just be for the rich. He’ll fight to allow people to refinance their student loans, protect Pell Grants, and make sure Wisconsin’s middle class and working families can promise their kids a brighter future.

WATCH the ad here.

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