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Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Sam Erickson   
Thursday, 23 June 2016 09:49

senateMembers at odds over transportation delays, Trump candidacy.

MADISON - In a week marked by inaction among congressional Republicans, Wisconsin’s GOP leaders are facing turmoil of their own.

On Tuesday, Senate Republicans reiterated their hard-line opposition to infrastructure investments, contrary to overwhelming public support for investment into our state’s decaying roads and bridges.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has struggled to maintain support of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy amid ongoing controversies surrounding his racist remarks.

"This week has proven that Republicans are incapable of making the tough choices needed to move our state and our nation forward," said Matt Ullsvik, SSDC Executive Director. "While Republicans continue to bicker amongst themselves, Democrats remain focused on promoting positive reforms that strengthen the middle class, invest in the future, and move Wisconsin forward. Instead of partisan posturing, Wisconsin families want to see results."

Experts have said that failing to invest in our infrastructure now will result in costly project delays, decreased road safety, and fewer jobs. In spite of this, Republican leaders have been unwilling to stand up and propose any long-term transportation funding solutions.

Donald Trump's candidacy has also presented challenges to the fractured Republican caucus. Senate Republicans have refused to condemn the erratic candidate's blatantly racist remarks, while Senator Fitzgerald doubled down on his support of the divisive presidential contender this week in an attempt to unify an increasingly fractured and dissatisfied base.

"Hardworking families are tired of Republican inaction and are eager for a change in Wisconsin," added Ullsvik. "Across the state, Democratic candidates are offering a positive vision for the future that focuses on growth, innovation, and opportunity. Commonsense Democratic proposals to expand student loan refinancing, childcare tax credits, and retirement security are resonating with voters who have grown tired of the misplaced Republican agenda. This week's public display of inaction and partisanship from majority party members reinforces the need for new leadership."

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