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Written by Russ for Wisconsin   
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 10:18

water_petitionGREEN BAY - A recent study found that 34 percent of tested groundwater wells in Kewaunee County in northeastern Wisconsin contained water that was unsafe to drink. That's one in every three wells.

I've heard from many Wisconsin residents about their concerns about clean water. Just yesterday, I was in Adams at a roundtable to learn more about what the community is doing to tackle this challenge, and I was so impressed with the stakeholders from all sides of the discussion coming together to address clean water issues.

Nobody should have to worry about whether or not they have access to safe, potable water -- this is unacceptable. We should all benefit from the health of Wisconsin's rivers, lakes, streams, and farmland. And, right now, it's so important we join our voices to call attention to this important issue.

Will you sign my petition calling for safe and clean drinking water for every Wisconsinite? Add your name here.

Groundwater can be contaminated by sewage, septic waste, and certain agricultural operations like Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. As community members and neighbors, we need to support efforts from county officials, local officials, and businesses to come together to keep our water safe and clean. Wisconsinites deserve a federal government that wants to partner with county and local officials, and together, they must urge state officials to act fairly and take the issue of clean water seriously.

But my opponent, Senator Ron Johnson, isn't listening to the concerns of Wisconsinites. Despite the fact that many of our wells are contaminated and many stakeholders are concerned, he called enhanced water protections "ludicrous" and thinks we should be doing less to ensure that Wisconsin families have safe drinking water.

That line might play in the boardroom with big corporations, but it doesn't even come close to addressing the growing concerns of the people. We need thoughtful cooperation at all levels of the government to address the urgent concern of groundwater contamination throughout Wisconsin.

I'm committed to being a partner who helps to make sure every Wisconsinite is provided clean, healthy drinking water -- and I need your voice in this. Clean water is essential to a healthy community and local economy.

Will you add your name in support of clean water today?

It's time we abide by a simple truth: Our shared prosperity is dependent on the health of our land.

Thank you.


Russ Feingold

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