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Written by Russ for Wisconsin   
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 10:44

money-behind-politicsWASHINGTON, DC - Senate Leader Mitch McConnell declared yesterday that the Senate will not act on the president's Supreme Court nominee, and every single Republican member of the Judiciary Committee signed a letter saying that they would not even hold hearings at all this year.

Let's be clear: This isn't the Senate exercising its right to provide or withhold consent -- it's partisan obstruction, plain and simple.

Why are Republicans so terrified of even holding a hearing on a SCOTUS nominee? Just follow the money.

Last week, Republican senators like Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, and even Chuck Grassley opened the door to considering the president's nominee. Then the Koch brothers' network swooped right in to slam that door shut -- "Outside Groups Warn GOP: Don't Even Think About Holding A SCOTUS Hearing," Talking Points Memo, 2‌‌/1‌8‌/20‌‌16 -- leaving no doubt about who's really calling the shots in the Republican Senate caucus.

Would the new justice oppose oil and gas regulations? And would the new justice hold companies like Koch Industries accountable, or rubber-stamp their every wish? Unfortunately, these questions are driving Republicans in their decision-making, not motives like adhering to the Constitution.

A Koch puppet group is even responsible for a seven-figure ad buy called "Let the people decide," that supports Senator Ron Johnson and other Senate Republicans in their obstruction.

The people decided when they elected President Obama -- twice. It's now his job to nominate a new justice.

Our democracy shouldn't be held hostage by the demands of the billionaire class. But that's exactly what's happening. Enough is enough.


Tell Senate Republicans: Do your job! Give fair consideration to President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

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