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Gov Walker Supports Raising Taxes On People Making Under $75,000 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Melanie Conklin   
Thursday, 16 November 2017 15:20

RyanHouse tax bill, set for a vote Thursday, will raise taxes, gives breaks to wealthy elite.

MADISON - Gov. Scott Walker published a column endorsing the national Republican tax reform scheme, even as Sen. Ron Johnson says he is a no vote due to how the bill treats pass-through businesses such as the one he owned and continues to benefit from.

Democrats oppose both House and Senate versions of the bills because we know how hard it is for families, retirees, teachers, student-loan borrowers, students and people making less than $75,000 who on average will receive a tax increase.

“Democrats believe in fairness. Giving a handout to the wealthy so that taxes can be raised on people already struggling is not the American way and certainly not what Democrats are going to sit by and watch happen,” stressed Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning.

scott-walker“Under Scott Walker’s failed governance, Wisconsin has been the test lab for these destructive and discredited Republican schemes,” continued Laning. “At the same time that giveaways were doled out to wealthy and large corporations, we saw some of the biggest cuts in our state’s history to our public education system and our communities. Just as Republican tax schemes were bad for Wisconsinites, the current GOP plan he praises will be bad for all of America.”

donald-trumpThe Republican tax plan gives a huge tax break to big businesses and the wealthiest 1% all while raising taxes on millions of middle-class families. Scrambling to accomplish a single item on their legislative agenda, after feuding, fighting and failing all year, Congressional Republicans are expected to rush this plan through as quickly as possible.

Early in his tenure, Walker and legislative Republicans passed a tax plan which gave the wealthiest corporations a huge tax giveaway while nearly wiping out these businesses’ tax liability. Over a seven year period, the credit is estimated to cost the state $805 million. Walker recently showed his support for the tax plan in an opinion column published in the Journal Sentinel.

“By endorsing this tax scam, Walker has told Wisconsinites that he still believes in failed economic theories and will run Wisconsin further into the ditch if he continues to be governor,” added Laning.

The GOP’s tax plan repeals the estate tax, which solely benefits the super-wealthy. To pay for this enormous transfer of wealth from the middle-class to billionaires and wealthy corporations, the Republican budget would make devastating cuts to Medicaid, Social Security, education funding, and other services.

To further fund the giveaway, Republicans are now pushing to take health care away from 13 million people. In contrast, Democrats believe in health care for all. Democrats also believe that any tax reform should not give another penny to the wealthy, whose taxes Republicans routinely fight to lower. #NotOnePenny

“Republicans have admitted this plan was written with their rich donors in mind, not the millions of Americans who depend on services that will be cut, not the 13 million Americans who may lose their health insurance and not the middle-class family who will see their taxes increase as they struggle to save, take a vacation, pay off student loan debt or pay for health care.

“Wisconsinites deserve a fair and equitable tax system. Republicans have said that it’s ‘very hard’ not to give tax cuts to the wealthy, but if you ask Democrats, it’s pretty simple. Give every person the tools to achieve economic security and prosperity, not just those who already have the decks stacked for their success.”

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